Posted 2009-02-26 in Jet

Viking Revives de Havilland Twin Otter Turboprop

After more than two decades, Canadian-based Viking Air is bringing back by popular demand the classic de Havilland Twin Otter turboprop airplane. Based on the original design beloved for its rugged versatility, the new Twin Otter Series 400 has been upgraded with modern technology to improve performance and safety while sticking to classic looks and functionality. It's a highly maneuverable, versatile aircraft which can be flown safely at various speeds from 80 to 160 knots.


The 52-ft. high winged, un-pressurized, twin Pratt & Whitney engine turbine powered plane is ideally suited to operate in all conditions and climates. It seats up to 19 and can be equipped with wheels, floats, skis, or tundra tires for flying anywhere from the tropics to the Antarctic, where it's used by researchers. Its fixed undercarriage makes for easy maintenance, and it handles even short, rough runways with aplomb. Prices start at 3 million for delivery this summer.