Posted 2010-05-20 in Jet

Rise from the ashes: Phoenix CRJ 200 flies again on James


Articles concerning auto tuning houses are a fairly common sight in the luxury blogosphere. Names such as Gemballa, TechArt and Deutsche Manufaktur (see a common thread here?) regularly draw a lot of attention with their takes on models from Porsche, Rolls-Royce, Ferrari, Lamborghini and so forth.


Meanwhile, up in the air, there are companies working hard on similar concepts but with different ambitions. One such company is Project Phoenix with their endeavour the Phoenix CRJ 200. Beginning its life as a Bombardier, the Phoenix CRJ is a conversion from a 50 seat commuter to a 12-18 seat luxurious business jet. The base offering is 16 seats but can be fully customized, much like the entire interior of the plane.

Phoenix_#1 interior sm 2

"With factors such as the increasing demand in the charter market for spacious private jets that are affordable (both to buy/lease and to charter) versus the high unit prices for brand new jets, Project Phoenix is poised to fill a much-needed gap in the market with its Phoenix CRJ". It is certainly true that reading about yet another new bizjet is sometimes a bit tiresome (they're all the same, right?) but even I have to admit that the Phoenix is pretty neat.


I managed to dig up a neat video on YouTube, showcasing some of the interior's modular abilities:

The waiting time is 8-10 months. The price? Just a mere $16,500,000. Take a closer look at the Phoenix CRJ 200 here.