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    Can businesses save money with private jet charter?

    Posted 2018-02-02
    Hiring a private jet to business meetings sounds like an extravagance. In fact, transporting top executives by private jet charter can be more cost-effective than flying in first class. Air Charter Service (ACS) has the research on how much money...
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    Charter These Private Jets for Sale from London

    Posted 2017-11-28
    The best way to decide which private jet to buy is to take your top choices for a test flight. Browse our private planes for sale to see which plane catches your eye, then book a private jet charter from London with Air Charter Service to see how...
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    Luxury in the sky

    Posted 2017-05-10
    Often, from a travel experience, the less enjoyable time is the transportation to your final destination. And while airlines put effort in offering an enjoyable business experience, nothing compares with the comfort of your own plane with the amen...
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    Snow-covered mountain trip

    Posted 2017-01-19
    Temperatures are falling and the air smells of snow. Unfortunately, not everyone is lucky enough to live in the mountains. But we can solve that problem. Up next we show you some wonderful real estates in the mountains. Here you can spend long wee...
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    Private Travel – Top Light Jets

    Posted 2013-12-24
    Most travelers who have made the leap agree; if time well spent is important to you, then it's time to invest in private jet travel. When Canadian software tycoon Jim Perchaluk explains his experience flying privately, it becomes evident that some...
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    Top 5 Jets for Business Travel

    Posted 2013-11-05
    As I sat down for a chat with executives from some of the top aircraft manufacturers, brokerage firms and charter companies, one thing that really became clear is that regardless of what type of client they represented or how large a budget they h...
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    WACO Open Cockpit Bi-Planes

    Posted 2013-06-25
    Each WACO customer is guaranteed at least 25 hours of instruction in their new airplane once it's finished By James If you’re buying a WACO YMF open-cockpit, tail-wheeled bi-plane, you’re probably an aviation aficionado. That’s according to Pe...
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    Private jets: not just for smug businessmen

    Posted 2011-06-17
    It's always refreshing to read a press piece about a company that doesn't make you claw your eyes out with boredom. This one actually tugged quite a bit on our heartstrings.It seems that the CEO of JamesList buddies Charlie Bravo (Rene Banglesdorf...
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    Eurocopter EC145 by Mercedes-Benz

    Posted 2011-05-30
    Last spring we told you about plans for the Eurocopter EC145 styled by Mercedes-Benz’s Advanced Design Studio on Italy's Lake Como. Now the finished product has finally been unveiled at the European Business Aviation Convention and Exhibit (EBACE)...
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    VistaJet Global Express XRS: $60 Million Worth of Street Art

    Posted 2011-05-23
    Last month we told you about the Italian painter who turned a Piaggio P.180 Avanti into an art installation. Now as part of a partnership between private jet charter and ownership firm VistaJet and Bombardier Aerospace, acclaimed street artist RET...