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Get access to a garage full of supercars!

Carsharing has been one of the biggest trends of this century. Not only is it benefiting our environment, but it is also a convenient way to spread the costs for a car amongst many different people.

Carsharing can also be beneficial for people, who do not do it out of environmental or budget reasons.  Some people buy cars that are far too special to use them on a daily basis and some car enthusiast want to try out every month another model.  Imagine you have access to a big garage full of supercars and you can pick each day another one! There are already several companies around the globe, which made this dream reality!

Tokyo Supercars

Tokyo Supercars has been founded by a group of friends who shared their passion for exotic cars.  They wanted to create a platform where like-minded people can share their interest and enthusiasm. You can gain access to their supercar fleet by applying for a membership, currently, their fleet includes 9 supercars.
They offer two kinds of memberships:

1.) On Demand Membership
This membership gives you the flexibility and freedom to use their service at your discretion with no points, but instead a per usage basis payment. The 'On Demand' annual fee is ¥100,000 (circa 900USD) and on top you will need to pay a fee whenever you want to use one of the cars.

2.) Value Membership
Join the Tokyo Supercars lender program and share your supercar on their exclusive platform, accessing their pre-screened members for car sharing. Sharing will be rewarded with payment or
points that can be used to access other services within Tokyo Supercars or cashed out.

Learn more about their memberships:

Fast Toys

Fast Toys is a private members club that serves its customer base within the Los Angeles and San Francisco areas. Members have to pay an annual fee to enjoy the latest supercars without the hassles of maintenance and storage. Membership fees range from $8,000 per year for the Discovery Package to $120,000 per year for the Diamond Package. With all of the packages, you get full access to their fleet, the more expensive packages include a higher mileage allowance per year. On top of the convenient access to luxury cars, they also offer an exclusive supercar lifestyle experience which includes events such as track days, driving tours, trips to motor shows and VIP access to famous races like F1 and Nascar.
More information about their memberships:

Auto Vivendi

Auto Vivendi is a private members club that serves its global client base from its London headquarters. Operating in London since 2005 as écurie25, the Club was rebranded as Auto Vivendi in 2014. The Club provides members with convenient access to a collection of the world’s best supercars, as well as organising a host of global supercar lifestyle events, including exclusive driving tours, trips to motor shows by private jet, wine and champagne tastings, and glamorous F1 experiences. They are constantly refreshing their portfolio and acquire on average 10-15 new cars per year.  They offer a wide range of memberships, which include different features to meet the individual requirements of their clients. The "Out of Town" membership allowed their probably most famous member Gareth Bale, to use their services even when he has not been in London.


Their smallest package starts with an annual fee of £12,500 + VAT.

Get more information about Auto Vivendi:

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