Erin Go Bragh- Ireland Forever

Posted 2017-03-17 in /stories

Today our neighbors from Ireland will turn the whole island back into a huge green party-place. As St. Patrick’s Day is their national bank holiday they will let out the green gremlins again. Ireland is known for the rough climate and the wonderful nature. With the wide open countryside, Ireland is a fascinating and beautiful island. However, as today is St. Patrick’s Day so therefore we think it is time to join the party-loving Irish and introduce you three of our most beautiful estates in the Republic of Ireland.

Ireland still has this magic Celtic atmosphere in some parts. The next estates will show you the beauties of Ireland and maybe you consider afterwards buying a home in this stunning county. The following estates are all listed with JamesEdition:

Aghade Estate

The first estate we would like to show you, is allocated in Carlow, which is in the south east of Ireland. The estate was built in the late 19th century and is sun bright due to its large windows. The rooms are generous size and with 6 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms, you can invite a bunch of friends to celebrate St.Patrick’s Day. The whole property borders to the lakes Slaney and Derreen with almost 1.4 miles of single bank fishing. The house is allocated over two floors where the second floor contains a wonderful atrium which leads to the six bedrooms and two of the six bathrooms. The master bedroom has large bow windows, where you have a tremendous view on the river. If you want more information about this estate, click here. This magnificent first house in Ireland has a listing price of €3,700,000 and is offered by Ireland Sotheby’s International Realty.

We now will go to the capital of the Republic of Ireland, as the next estate is located in Dublin.


The next estate is a truly elegant Victorian home. Built around 1878, this house is a part of Irish history. With 6 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms this marvelous house is still big enough to enjoy the crazyness during St. Patrick’s Day with you friends and family. Moreover this estate is allocated on a rare seaside position, so if you love the Irish weather and the rough sea, this home is a perfect match. All principal rooms are sea facing, furthermore with the solid stone wall around the private garden this estate is secluded and private. The magnificent house can be yours for €4,500,000 and is listed by Ireland Sotheby’s International Realty. More information about this estate, can be found here.
Last but not least we are going to Roundwood, to display our last incredible estate to you.
The last accommodation we want to introduce to you is this magnificent house which is located in the County of Wicklow. This stunning estate is a bit hidden in the secluded valley. Behind the woodland the white 18th- century house spreads out and has a lasting effect. With 27 bedrooms and 18 bathrooms you can celebrate there the St. Patrick’s Day as this house has enough space for a great bank holiday party. Moreover this marvellous home was in posession of the Guinness family. The beautiful Irish nature is just behind the door of the 1774 sqm big estate. If you are interested in this one of a kind estate, more information can be found here. We all know, beauty has it’s price and this estate is listed with €28,000,000 and is offered by Ireland Sotheby’s International Realty.
Get out the green color and start celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with the Irish people and who knows maybe next year you can celebrate this special day in your own Irish estate. 
By Frederike Müller-Elsner