Cold as ice

Posted 2017-02-12 in /stories

Going on vacation is always something special, moreover when the vacation you are planning is an unique experience. Going somewhere unique is always worth a good story, therefore we decided to show you three exceptional travel destinations.

Ice, ice, baby. The huge icy landscapes in the northern hemisphere are still one of the most unique travels you can do. With the ice melting away, through global warming, we think that now is the time to plan your next unique travel. The following travel experiences are all listed with JamesEdition:

Antarctic Explorer

The beautiful blue icy landscape takes your breath away. Seeing those huge icebergs in comparison to oneself, will leave you speechless. This magnificent surrounding is the home of many animals. The "Antarctic Explorer" expedition offers you an 11 or 12 day trip through the icy landmarks of the Antarctica where you can witness not only penguins but also whales, seals and more Nordic animals. This exciting experience has a listed price: £4,000 and is offered by Quark Expeditions. For more information about the "Antarctic Explorer" tour, please click here.

We will stay in the Antarctica because seeing this beautiful landmark from above or by ship is also a remarkable experience we don’t want you to miss.

Antarctic Express

The following tour, named "Antarctic Express", starts off with a flight where you can have a small glimpse of the icy continent from the air. Afterwards you will go on a ship where your adventures heart will jump out of excitement. You will have a tour through the world’s most storied and exciting passage of water, better know as the Drake Passage. Sailing so close by, you actually have the feeling that you can embrace this wonderful nature. Of course here you will also get in touch with the wildlife as seals, whales and penguins will cross your way. More information about the "Antarctic Express" tour can be found here. This stunning experience has a listed price: £5,400 and is listed by Quark Expeditions.

In case all the ice will give you shivers and you imagine ending up like an ice cube we have an option with a lot of snow and activity that will provide you from freezing. Therefore we are leaving the Antarctica and we will take you to Sweden.

Amazing Dogsledding Adventure

The last unique travel experience we would like to offer you will bring you up to Umnäs, Sweden. This trip is a dogsledding adventure, which is scheduled for 7 days. The Alaskan husky’s will show you Sweden’s nature. You will see the Northern lights, drive through the mountains and forests and experience a great adventure. 2- 6 guests can take part on every tour, where every guest drives their own sled. For more information please click here. This spectacular adventure has a listed price: $2,195 and is operated by The Silent Way. 

Those travels will provide you an adventures time in the northern hemisphere and will turn you into a story- teller. We can’t wait to explore the icy landscape and we hope we will see you there.

By Frederike Müller-Elsner