Posted 2019-01-09 in Car

The VIP list question: How to gain access to a limited edition supercar

Have you ever wanted to gain access to a limited edition Ferrari, Aston Martin or McLaren supercar? We have an insider’s tips for the car collector who is yet to be “invited in” by supercar manufacturers to join their VIP list.
Ferrari Monza

It's well known that it's quite difficult to buy limited edition car models, especially when it comes to supercars or rare racers. Most vehicles are sold at the build slots stage, prior to delivery. You must be on the manufacture VIP list, and the process of getting on this list is not 100% clear. Even those who already own two or three limited edition cars may be told 'no' if they wanted to purchase a fourth car. So what a private collector who wants to see Aston Martin Valkyrie, McLaren Senna or Ferrari LaFerrari in their garage can do to avoid the pitfalls and sharks in the process?
Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta

First of all, briefly, let's talk about buying from a manufacturer.

It's not the same for all manufacturers but with Ferrari who choose the VIP customers for their limited edition cars, often don't provide the buyer with the name, or image or even the cost of the car. It's bizarre but 100% true, so strong is the Ferrari brand that the VIP buyers know the car will be worth a lot more than they will pay for it.

Ferrari do offer all their VIP clients finance through Ferrari financial services, not that many would need it.
Aston Martin Valkyrie

Other manufacturers like Aston Martin who are in partnership with Red Bull technologies with the Aston Martin Valkyrie, have sold all the Valkyries to their VIPs as an ongoing development project, meaning the design is still in development and the list price is not fixed.

The same with the McLaren Speedtail. This car has been in development for more than three years and they recently increased the list price from £1.75m to £1.85m
Aston Martin Speedtail