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The story behind the logos

Did you ever wonder why Ferrari has the prancing horse or why Lamborghini has the bull as a logo? Or do you know what they mean, where they are coming from? If not, here is your chance, the following story will give you little insights of our favorite car brands.


Logo of Mercedes-Benz
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Everyone knows the three-pointed star belongs to the car manufacturer Mercedes-Benz. The history of this logo can be traced back to 1870 when Gottlieb Daimler sent a postcard with the star to his wife. He desired to see the three-pointed star on top of all their factories indication their success over “land, air and sea”.
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Logo of Lamborghini
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When you think about Lamborghini not only the supercars come to your mind, but also the bull, which is the logo of the brand. In the early sixties, Ferruccio Lamborghini spent some time with Don Eduardo Miura. Miura was a breeder for Spanish fighting bulls in Sevilla. Lamborghini was so inspired and impressed by these animals that he decided that the raging bull will the be the logo of his car brand. To see all our Lamborghini listings, click here.


Ferrari Logo
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The prancing horse is known everywhere around the world for being Ferrari’s logo. However, initially, the prancing horse was actually painted at the fuselage of an Italian fighter plane during the First World War. The mother of the pilot of the plane asked Enzo Ferrari to put the prancing horse on all of his cars, as she claimed this would be a sign of good luck. And today the horse is still there, on a bold yellow background- the color of Modena. Click here to see all Ferrari cars JamesEdition offers for sale.


Logo from Bugatti
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The color of the Bugatti logo is red, which implements power, passion to drive and passion. The word Bugatti is written in white which stands for elegance and nobility while the black shades represent excellence and courage. The EB over the Bugatti are the initials of Bugattis founder, Ettore Bugatti.
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Logo from Porsche
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Of course, Porsche is also in this list. Since Porsche cars were, and still are built in Stuttgart, Germany, the coat of the arms of arms of Stuttgart and the coat of arms of Württemberg were combined to create the logo of Porsche. In the center is the horse, which was taken from Stuttgart’s coat of arms, which represents the stud farm on which Stuttgart was built on. The logo was established in the 195os and has since then undergone a few changes. Click here to see all Porsche cars which are for sale on JamesEdition.