Berks to the Future

Welcome back to the 9th episode of the Excellent Grand Tour s01e09: Berks to the Future is released last Friday the 6th of January on Amazon Prime. This week, the show comes from the hometown of Porsche and Mercedes-Benz: Stuttgart, Germany. The tent is within the courtyard of Ludwigsburg Palace, where Clarkson praises Germany as the “cradle of the automobile.” Here is a list of all the cars in the ninth episode of The Grand Tour that are for sale on JamesEdition:

the excellent grand tour s01e09

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Honda NSX

The show starts with the original Honda NSX. When that car was launched in 1990, it was considered remarkable because it was both fast and exciting like a Ferrari. But unlike a Ferrari of the time, it was also incredibly reliable and very, very easy to drive. Honda killed that car off 12 years ago, but have finally come up with a replacement. James May brought it to the track to see what it’s like. Interested in the original Honda NSX? See it here on JamesEdition.

Next up, we all like the idea of a sports utility vehicle; A car that can handle the Australian outback at the weekend and then set a new lap record at Hockenheim on a Monday morning. But even the German car-makers can’t seem to make the concept a reality.

the excellent grand tour s01e09

Land Rover Discovery

Clarkson has a solution: The Land Rover Discovery, for sale here, doing utilitarian things in Britain’s muddy underbelly. Now, clearly a machine like this can’t possibly be converted into a sports car. Or can it?

the excellent grand tour s01e09

Most popular car stories on JamesEdition:

MG Midget

The Excellent Grand Tour s01e09 tried to remove the rather ungainly body and fit it with the body from a sports car. A 1978 MGB. Highly-trained men have removed its skin which will then be mated, in a delicate two-hour operation, to the internal organs of the mud-plugging V8. Do you want to build your own new kind of fashionable SUV out of an MG? Try it wit this MG Midget, for sale on JamesEdition!

the excellent grand tour s01e09

Mercedes SL

However, Clarkson was not satisfied: “At this point, I decided, for no particular reason, to scrap the MG idea and go for something else instead. This is what I chose. A 1980s Mercedes SL.” Here for sale on JamesEdition. The internal organs from a Landrover Discovery mated to the beautiful skin of a glamorous Mercedes SL. As such, Clarkson named it ‘the Excellent’.

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Porsche Cayenne

To confirm his love towards the car, Clarkson asked Hammond and May the following question: “Which would you rather have? The Excellent or that Porsche?” They both answered without any doubt and in chorus: “That Porsche.” Why? Because it is better in every single way. See the Cayenne listed here on JamesEdition.

That clearly didn’t work for Jeremy. So, to convince his colleagues that they were wrong, Clarkson decided to bring the self-made SUV to an auction. Soon the auction was under way.

the excellent grand tour s01e09

Ferrari 308 GTB

First up, with lot number 132: This Ferrari 308 GTB was sold for £118.000. Also for sale on JamesEdition. See its listing here.

Lamborghini Countach

This Countach, listed here on JamesEdition, just went for £285.000. Clarkson: “I think I am going to sell The Excellent for more than that.” And then it was time. Moving on to lot number 138A. The Excellent. Sold for… $4.000

the excellent grand tour s01e09

Finding your next obsession:

Ford Taunis Transit Camper

And with that, it was time for the last part of this weeks show. There are people all over the world who believe we are permanently on the verge of nuclear war, alien invasion or zombie attack. They call themselves Preppers. And these Preppers, in order to prepare for an extinction-level event, stock their homes with essential supplies, go out into the woods to prepare tactically and create what they call ‘bug-out’ cars. Hammond tries his hand on a post-apocalyptic ‘bug-out’ van made out of a VW campervan. Would you like to have your own ‘bug-out’ vehicle that will allow you to survive a bleak future of nuclear winters, alien invasions and massed herds of zombies? Try creating one with this Ford Taunus Transit Camper. For sale on JamesEdition!

By Thomas van Doorn

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