The Beach (Buggy) Boys - Part 1.

Welcome back to the 7th episode of The Grand Tour: The Beach (Buggy) Boys – Part 1 is released on Friday the 30th of December on Amazon Prime. This time, the show comes from Namibia. The presenters are set a challenge by their producer, Andy Wilman, who wishes to show that beach buggies are poor vehicles. Here is a list of all the cars in the seventh episode of The Grand Tour that are for sale on JamesEdition:

Volkswagen Beetle

The Volkswagen Beetle, for sale here on JamesEdition. Hammond: “It is a car we hate very much because it appeals only to Nazis and hippies, and we are neither of those things. However, if you remove the bodywork and replace it with something a bit more fun, you end up with a beach buggy. And that is brilliant.” The presenters love beach buggies. However, Mr. Wilman disagrees. He says that if they had been any good, they would have caught on, and he points out that they didn't. So Mr. Wilman hatched a plan. He said all three of the presenters must buy a Volkswagen Beetle, turn it into a beach buggy, and then report with it to a wild, rugged and extremely remote place: the coast of Namibia.

With their beach buggies from modified Volkswagen Beetles ready, the trio sits on the beach of Namibia. The satellite-phone rings with a call from... Producer Andy Wilman: "Since you are in beach buggies, you will now drive to the beach. The beach to which you will drive is located on the crocodile-infested Kunene River at the northernmost point of Namibia, where it meets Angola”. It's 1,000 miles (1,600 km away). Let the journey begin!

1965 Volkswagen Dune Buggy

And what a journey it would be in these cars, listed here on JamesEdition. Cars that were born in an interesting period. Clarkson: “So, it's 1964, the word ‘teenager’ has started to appear in the world's dictionaries, people are listening to new types of music, they are smoking new types of stuff. And then, in California, the beach buggy arrived! Hammond builds on that: “It was perfect! Girls and boys, beach, barbecues... The first design criteria was that the front fenders were flat, so you could stand a beer on it. That's how you design a car! Clarkson again: “Jimi Hendrix had a beach buggy and President Nixon didn't. Tells you all you need to know.” Eventually, James May sums it all up: “What I really like about the beach buggy is that it is a testament to the ability of the human spirit to triumph. Because somebody looked at the Beetle and said: Well, that's the legacy of the world's worst dictator. Let's turn it into a beach car.“

On the way to their final destination, the presenters are crossing the desert. They assumed there must be a road. But, for mile after mile, there was nothing. Clarkson: “It's the Namib Desert, and ‘Namib’ in the local dialect means ‘big nothing’.”

At the end of this episode, Clarkson's buggy breaks down and is abandoned by Hammond and May, who arrives in Windhoek to have a beer while Clarkson struggles with overheating problems on his way in to town. Interested in how this ends? Read through the next episode on JamesEdition, here.

By Thomas van Doorn