Happy Finnish Christmas.

Welcome back to the 6th episode of The Grand Tour: Happy Finnish Christmas is released this Friday the 23rd of December on Amazon Prime. This week, the show comes from – if you can see through the drizzle dribbling down the windows of the tent – Scandinavia. The hosts are deep inside the Artic Circle in Finland. Here is a list of all the cars in the sixth episode of The Grand Tour that are for sale on JamesEdition:

Ford Mustang

You may be amazed to hear that the Ford Mustang has never been sold, officially, in the UK. Until now, because Ford has now decided that the latest Mustang will be sold in the UK with a V8 engine and right-hand drive. And when the first right-hand-drive Mustang arrived at the docks in the UK, Hammond was actually there to meet it. Richard Hammond: “It is weird driving a Mustang from this side. It’s like suddenly changing your mind after 50 years of marriage and sleeping on the other side of the bed.” However, after the engine thrummed, Hammond continued: “That is the soundtrack that Britain has been missing for 51 years – real American V8 muscle. We just don’t make cars like this on our side of the pond. All that lazy-but-determined torque. Squeeze the throttle in any gear at any speed and there is an inevitability to the way it moves off. It’s like arm wrestling a solar system – you are going to lose.” See the left-hand-drive version of the Ford Mustang listed here on JamesEdition.

Also in this show, the presenters have some Christmas gift suggestions for the car enthusiast. The hosts realised that there is some money in branding stuff. So they though, since they are in Scandinavia: Let’s launch our own range of car-branded Christmas jumpers:

Nissan GT-R

May: “I have gone for a very cuddly and Christmassy cardigan bearing the name, as you can see, of a car I absolutely adore: The NISsan GT-R”, listed here on JamesEdition.

Jaguar E-type

Hammond: “Mine is a simple turtleneck. Very, very warm, bearing the name of a legend on the front: The Jaguar E-type.” Here for sale on JamesEdition.

Mclaren P1

Clarkson: “Mine is a crewneck, actually, from the Mclaren P1”. Listed here on JamesEdition.

Together, the Christmas jumpers of the Mclaren P1, Jaguar E-type and the NISsan GT-R formed the word P. E. N. I… Well, you can see where this is going.

Ferrari P3

In the next session of the show, James May recounts the epic battle between Ford and Ferrari for supremacy in the Le Mans endurance race of the 1960s. May: “This year marks the 50th anniversary of the greatest battle in motorsport history. The story begins in the 1960s, when Ford realised that they could sell a lot more cars if they were a lot more successful on the racetrack. So they formulated a brilliant plan, but unfortunately, it went disastrously wrong.” Ferrari ruled sports car racing on Le Mans in those days with their Ferrari P3. The Ferrari P series were sports prototype racing cars produced in the 1960s and early 1970s. It brought international success in endurance racing for Ferrari, and is arguably Maranello’s most beautiful racing car to date. Take a look at a later version of the P3, the Ferrari P4 for sale on JamesEditon here.

Ford GT40

Ford knew that if you wanted to rule in motorsport, there was only one race that mattered. The toughest and most dangerous of them all – the 24 hours of Le Mans. The problem was, for all its might, Ford didn’t have a clue how to win at Le Mans. However, over in Italy, someone did. In the early 1960s Enzo Ferrari’s cars ruled sports-car racing, Le Mans especially. At the start of the decade, he had won the famous and gruelling 24-hour race three times on the trot. However, the company was in deep financial difficulty, so when Ford offered to buy the entire business, Enzo agreed. But, Enzo Ferrari wanted to retain control of the motorsport side of his business, and therefore the deal did not go trough. Back in Detroit, Henry Ford II, apoplectic with rage, gathered his lieutenants and issued the order: “Build me a car that will crush Ferrari at Le Mans.” The Ford GT40 was born, for sale on JamesEdition here.

By Thomas van Doorn

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