Supercars at Top Marques Monaco 2017

Posted 2017-05-03 in Car

During the third week of April, the Top Marques took place in Monaco at the Grimaldi Forum. Of course, JamesEdition has been there to provide our readers with the best upcoming and current products of the market. As you have seen in previous articles on JamesEdition, cars were just a part of this magnificent event. If you would like to, you can also read the overview of the jewelry section


One of the most awaited World Premier’s was the Pal-V car. This dutch company founded in 2007 with the idea they had back in 1999 of commercializing a flying car is finally true! After years of research and improvement, the first flying car will be able to be provided to its owner by the end of 2018. They struggled to accomplish all the requirements regarding safety standards but after a strong effort, they can finally say that they are the first company launching the always waited flying car. The model name could not better fit the feeling you can have once you ride the vehicle:  PAL-V Liberty. 

Overfinch, a company with more than four decades of history, advertised their bespoke Range Rovers at the Top Marques. With their customized cars, you will get the best out of the Range Rover models plus the uniqueness of a customized piece. They have different models in stock, but the greatest idea of this dedicated custom-Range Rover company, is the possibility to design everything by your own. Would you like to have the skyline of London at the interior of your car? They can do it for you! 

During the Monaco event, the Overfinch SuperSport was shown. One of the highlights of this customized car is the presence of carbon-fiber. This material takes part of the air intakes, front splitter, wheel arch spats, rear valance as well as a bonnet bulge. 



Just some weeks after the world premiere at the Geneva Motor Show, Vanda Electrics presented its concept car during the Top Marques Monaco. The two-seater all-electric sports car concept was built by Singapore mobility experts, Vanda Electrics and technical partner Williams Advanced Engineering. Inspired in form and function by the Dendrobium orchids, the futuristic design is driver-centric with aerodynamics and performance from motorsports. A masterpiece of man and his machine, designed to inspire and exhilarate. Although strictly a concept car at this stage, performance targets for Dendrobium are a top speed in excess of 200mph and 0-60mph in 2.7 seconds


Monaco is an equivalent from luxury, opulence and elegance and the next company we are talking about is trying to compile all these three characteristics into one product. Boulle Luxury has developed a proprietary technique to transform ethically sourced high-quality diamonds into a high-quality coating that gives a brilliant diamond finish to almost any surface.  During the Top Marques, we saw a classic Bentley Azure covered with millions of high-quality diamond crystals, ethically sourced and imported in full compliance with the Kimberley Process by Boulle Luxury.

Boulle Luxury, with its proprietary technique, enables the high-end producers of luxury automobiles, aircraft/private jets and yachts with a high-quality natural diamond finish. What else would you need? 


Last but not least, we would like to introduce a British design product company: A Kahn Design.  The company is focused on tuning high-end vehicles. Their big team composed of Product Designers, 3D Modelers, Graphic Artists and Technical Engineers are working hard in making the mass produced cars into a unique piece you would not be able to resist. In their catalog, you can find from just the supercar brands: Aston Martin, Bentley, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, Range Rover… They don’t need more presentation than that. If you want any customized supercar from almost any brand they are definitely a good option. 


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