Posted 2016-02-26 in Car

On the Market: Week 8

JamesEdition is proud to present some of the most extraordinary and rare automobiles on the market from around the world. Indulge and browse and find your dream car below or by searching JamesEdition. This week we've selected 4 amazing cars including a one-of-a-kind 950bhp Nissan GT-R the truly unique Lamborghini Espada in mint condition, a flawless replica of the iconic Shelby Daytona anno 1965 and the incredible Ariel Atom 3S.

(Nissan GT-R, For sale by: Private Seller, Price on Request)

Not a lot remain of the standard GT-R in this remarkable beast from 2013. With countless new parts such as completely new transmission, racing seats, a full titanium exhaust along with new fuel pumps, all custom fitted to withstand the immense power from the 950 bhp engine this car will leave almost everything in its dust. Be sure to follow this link for a short preview of the incredible engine sound of this monster.

(Lamborghini Espada, For sale by: Heurich Classics Premium Cars GmbH, Listed price: € 495,000)

The Espada rank very high on the list of lesser-known Lamborghini’s but it is one of their true gems. With its innovative design the old tractor maker showed the world back in 1968 that their brand would always deliver something unexpected and radical. This specific car is from the first series of Espadas and was the 9th car to ever roll of the production line 48 years ago. We are also pretty sure that anyone will have a very hard time locating an Espada in better condition than this one, as everything about this car is flawless.

(Shelby Daytona Replica, For sale by: Barrett-Jackson, Listed price: $ 65,000)

The Daytona Coupe was created with one sole purpose, to beat Enzo Ferrari and his 250 GTO in the GT series. With its aerodynamic hatchback shape and fierce top speed, it not only won the 24 Hours of Le Mans but also went on to make Shelby the first American constructor to win the FIA World Sportscar Championship in 1965. This amazing replica of the Shelby Daytona will not only steal the show visually but also put a large smile on anyone behind its steering wheel.

(Ariel Atom 3S, For sale by: Sector 111, Listed price: $ 92,000)

With a 0-60 mph time of less than 3 seconds this turbo charged version of the already insanely fast Ariel Atom pushes speed and performance well beyond most expensive and fast supercars money can buy for the fraction of the price. The 2,7 litre, 365 bhp engine is luckily accompanied by proper manual gearbox sure to make any track-day nothing short of a blast.