Posted 2011-03-23 in Car

Mansory Siracusa Ferrari 458 Italia

The Ferrari 458 Italia gets lean and mean new carbon fibre fittings and an eye-popping paintjob to match in exotic auto tuner extraordinaire Mansory’s new Siracusa. A new apron with optimized air intakes, new aerodynamic bonnet, new side skirts, new back skirt, new rear wing, diffuser and carbon fibre “blades” in place of the boring old rear window are what sets the beast apart from its factory-spec’d brethren. Despite all the upgrades Mansory actually managed to shave a cool 70 kg off the curb weight.


That alone would be enough to give it a competitive edge, but they’ve also given the engine a makeover including a new sports air filter and sports exhaust system. At the end of the day it delivers a boost up to 590 hp and 560 Nm, making for a 0 to 100 km/h clock of just 3.2 seconds and atop speed of 330 km/h. New shocks and rims do their part as well. And of course no Mansory masterpiece is compete without an ultra-luxe interior; this model features more leather, suede, carbon fibre and aluminum than you can shake a blonde at.