Posted 2010-02-25 in Car

Mansory Rolls-Royce Ghost


Masters of exotic auto tuning Mansory’s supercar projects veer between the understated – viz. their all-black carbon fibre Panameras and Aston Martins – and the abysmal – by which we mean that Pepto Bismol pink “Vitesse Rosé” Bentley they brought out a while back. Their newest creation, a tricked-out version of the new Rolls-Royce Ghost due to be unveiled at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show, falls squarely in between. Gold and blue is the colour scheme for this vehicle designed to combine “the most precious materials with elaborate performance, individual appearance and stylish interior refinements.”

In addition to gold varnish splattered about the cross-beam in the new front skirt, the vertical gill between the headlights, wheels and modified radiator grill, add new stainless steel sheeting, a rear spoiler and rear skirt and a double sport exhaust system. They’ve boosted power from the stock 570 hp all the way up to 720 hp, with torque tweaked to 1,020 Nm up from 780 Nm. That means it’s only 0.5 seconds quicker to 0 to 100 km/h (4.4) but top speed now clocks in at 310 km/h up from 250. Inside you get diamond quilted leather and an odd mix of carbon fibre and bamboo wood accents illuminated by a galaxy of LEDs. That way you see can how empty your wallet is.