Joseph Stalin's car for sale on JamesList

Posted 2010-03-26 in Car


One's job as a writer is to get people interested in the story. Get them hooked. Find an angle. Be creative. In advertising circles, there's an age-old test where you give the apprentice an old Bic pen. It is then the student's task to sell you that pen in less than thirty seconds. Writing can sometimes feel a little bit like that.


Not this time around, though. In fact, there's not much story to tell, but let's do it anyway. A ZIS-110 limousine that belonged to none other than Joseph Stalin has just turned up for sale on JamesList. My first reaction? "Awesome". My second? "Why in the name of everything holy is this car not being kept in a museum?". Sometime you just strike it lucky. This ZIS-110, a 1949 model, was the result of some good ol' Soviet reverse engineering of a Packard Super Eight. It's maker, ZiL (Завод имени Лихачёва, roughly translated as Likhachev Factory), is still alive and well today, producing luxury cars that they feel are on par with Maybach and Rolls-Royce.




The story goes that Stalin was given a Packard Super Eight by FDR during the war. The car impressed him so much that ZiL in post-war times decided to manufacture their own "variant" of the car. From 1950 until his death in 1953, the ZIS-110 served as the red czar's parade car, meaning that it has very little mileage - just 1276km. It was meticulously restored to its original specs in 2001.


The price is obviously being withheld, but don't expect a bargain. The car is available for sale right here on JamesList.