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IAA 2017

From today, 14th of September until the 24th of September the IAA in Frankfurt am Main opens its doors to introduce the newest concepts and cars. Even though Rolls-Royce and Tesla will not be taking part in the exhibition, Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Porsche as well as numerous other brands will show off their newest ideas.

Mercedes-Benz area at the IAA 2017

Mercedes AMG presented the new AMG Project One. This car offers more than 1,000 PS with technical details taken from the Formula 1 and is limited to 275 units. As we all know, beauty has its price - and this Mercedes is available at 2.2 million euros. A bit smaller in size but not be underestimated is the Mercedes X-Class. Additionally, the Mercedes concept car called EQ A - which is inspired by the GLB - is on display in Frankfurt.

Mercedes-AMG Project One
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Porsche introduced the 3rd generation of the all-time favorite Cayenne model. The new SUV is 6 cm longer than its predecessor, has a 100 liter bigger trunk and several additional improvements compared to the previous version. Porsche states that the Cayenne III will hit the market by the end of 2017. The in-official statement issued by the Porsche developer team said that they wanted to go back to the roots with the Cayenne III. Thus, the new generation is closer to the brand essence and driving it is supposed to feel like driving a 911 on stilts.

Porsche Cayenne 3rd generation

Besides Mercedes and Porsche, the new generation of the Bentley Continental and the BMW M5 were also introduced to the public. The end of the year is close but the car year has just started and it is more than ready to hit the market.

The international trade fair still continues until the 24th of September - for more information please click here