With the hottest season and vacations just around the corner, it’s time to get in the mood for spectacular celebrations and having a good time. One of the most memorable party hosts – although fictional – of all times is Jay Gatsby, the ‘hero’ of F. Scott’s Fitzgerald’s novel “The Great Gatsby”. Celebrating the 95th birthday of the book’s original publication in 1922, we have compiled a curated list of must-haves in order to light it up like Gatsby.

Since it’s better to arrive later than to arrive ugly, you should take the time to select an appropriate ride. In the original as well as the more recently released Gatsby movie, Jay Gatsby can be seen driving a Rolls-Royce.

1937 Rolls-Royce

Although this model from 1937 is more modern than Fitzgerald’s novel, it has been chosen as Gatsby’s ride in the movies. This particular model for sale on JamesEdition is a V-12 powered Phantom III which was first premiered at the 1935 Olympia Motor Show. At that time, it was the world’s most technically advanced series-produced automobile chassis.
You can find a variety of Rolls-Royce models from 1900 to 1965 here.

While cars can be considered a man’s accessory, women tend to choose more classic accessory categories such as jewellery. When “The Great Gatsby” was turned into a movie for the second time in 2013, none other than Tiffany & Co created a dedicated Gatsby collection to supply the actors. Most of the pieces were worn by Carey Mulligan who plays the role of Daisy Buchanan, Jay Gatsby’s eternal crush.

11 Carat Cushion Cut Engagement Ring

Daisy might not be engaged to Gatsby, but she sure has a spectacular engagement ring. Instead of saying those three little words, why not share this 11 carat cushion-cut diamond? It is set in 18k yellow gold, enclosed by 1.18 carats of round brilliant diamonds and currently for sale on JamesEdition.

18 Carat White Gold Earrings

To complete the look of the Roaring Twenties, invest in a pair of stunning 18k white gold chandelier drop earrings. This particular model is equipped with more than 5 carats of clear diamonds and will bedazzle any cocktail look. Get it now on JamesEdition!

“La Mansion de Rêves”

A little party never killed nobody – but everyone needs to rest. This outstanding estate called “La Mansion de Rêves” (engl.: “The Mansion of Dreams”) is located in Saddle River, NJ – just 40 miles from Long Island’s King Point, the area in North shore that inspired F. Scott Fitzgerald’s fictional West Egg. With 5 luxurious bedroom suites, every overnight guest can cure their hangover in bed while enjoying breathtaking views of custom-stone fireplaces. The three-tiered pool that emits the gentle sound of waterfalls spilling into a wading pool would make even Jay Gatsby himself jealous. “La Mansion de Rêves” is just minutes from the New York City skyline and for sale on JamesEdition.

Like Gatsby said: “You can’t live forever” – so stop thinking and start living your dream now!

By Vanessa Löffler

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Exclusive luxury insights
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