Posted 2018-01-25 in Car

Ferrari F12 Berlinetta in Louis Vuitton Wrapping now up for Sale

It doesn’t come as a surprise that women are hooked on Louis Vuitton’s shoes and accessories. But what a 15-year-old kid did under the inspiration of one of the most recognizable and valuable fashion brands is both artistic and stylish, though art can evoke different feelings.

2014 Ferrari F12 Berlinetta

Rashed Saif Belhasa, aka Money Kicks, a son of a construction billionaire from Dubai, bought himself a yellow Ferrari F12 Berlinetta, The Supercar of the Year 2012 (according to TopGear). As if this wasn’t amazing enough, he wished to wrap it in Louis Vuitton Supreme X pattern, perhaps to match his shoulder bag.

The blogger had the entire wrapping process filmed and posted on YouTube where until now the video has received over 6.6M views. Seems the son took a lot of cleverness after his dad who might be raising a promising successor to the business.

Source: Youtube

Even so, who would you be if you had a Ferrari you wouldn’t be able to drive? Probably too young a kid to play your toy. This time a personal driver solved the problem, athough experienced drivers would say it’s incomparable to holding a wheel, something Mr Belhasa Junior will still have plenty of time for.

However, it will be the wheel of a different vehicle as Rashed said farewell to his customised Ferrari which is now available for purchase on JamesEdition.

2014 Ferrari F12 Berlinetta

The Italian car with a 6.3-litre V12 engine, top speed of 200 mph and the recorded mileage of 9,419 km (5853 mi) on it, can return to its original Giallo Modena if a new buyer doesn’t have a taste for the Supreme X print.

The F12 is listed by Deals On Wheels, the most renowned luxury cars dealer in the UAE, for 699,000 AED (approx. 190,267.80 USD).

If your heart skips a beat at this particular Ferrari, make your way to the dealer’s before you hear someone else’s ka-ching!