Posted 2011-04-02 in Car

DMC Milano: A masterpiece coming together?

Westphalia's DMC is still running a tight ship as far as letting information out on their awaited take on the Ferrari 458 Italia, dubbed the "DMC Milano", having initially stolen our hearts with the Quattro Veloce last year. So far, we haven't gotten that much apart from some pictures of the diffuser, but we're big enough suckers for DMC's fingerspitzgefühl when it comes to everything carbon fiber that we're running around wagging our tail like a hungry Rottweiler for more.

In a similarly economic fashion, we've gotten some details on the mirror housings which DMC has completely re-engineered rather than just adding a simple trim. This means that instead of gluing a piece of plastic on your mirror (and essentially ruining it), you can easily shift between the original mirror and your DMC carbon fiber bonanza, which is handy if you want to sell your Ferrari. Keep checking in with us for more on DMC's version of the Italia.