Posted 2009-10-02 in Car

Coys at Ascot, October 3rd


Bargains isn't Coys' game, but if you are a collector in search of fine automobiles, or you happen to be on the hunt for a Jaguar XJ200 with less than 200 miles on the odometer, then Coys is for you. The Jag is estimated to fetch around £100'000 and it's practically brand new. The 151 miles it has done has been under Jaguar's supervision at their test track and upon the reception, the owner immediately stored it and has never driven it. I would call that a shame and a waste since some cars just needs to be driven. Luckily someone else will now get that pleasure even though he's not likely to be heading for any track day thrashing any time soon.


Another interesting jewel up for grabs is the 1981 924 Carrera GT. Perhaps one of Porsche's most important front engined models ever, the 924 Carrera GT was homologated for competition in the GTP class at Le Mans 24 hours. A total of 406 were made and very few are still in such good condition. This being a right hand drive version make it even rarer. 210 hp distributed over 1200 kgs with excellent handling; this Porsche will deliver pedigree to any serious collector or someone wanting to stand out from the blandness with something truly special.


My third tip for the auction is this Lancia Delta HF Integrale Evo II, which if you know anything about rallying, is one hell of a car. Homologated to help Lancia keep their winning streak in the rallying circuit's new Group A, just like the 037 had cleaned up in the  notorious Group B some years before, the Delta was an instant success resulting in 4 drivers titles and 6 constructors titles. The Delta HF Integrale is one of the baddest hatches out there. Fast enough to outpace most modern sportscars, this Delta will separate you from the masses of nervous bankers wanting to look cool in a stock Porsche.

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