McGregor vs. Mayweather — A Tale of Fancy Cars

The upcoming bout between MMA phenomenon Conor McGregor and boxing legend Floyd Mayweather promises plenty of excitement from the grounds of T-Mobile Arena, but which of the two combatants is having more fun when they’re not trading blows?
The opulent lifestyles led by professional fighters stand out even compared to other professional athletes. Many athletes have a fancy car or two they like to show off, but when you’re in the fight game, you’ve got a whole fleet. McGregor and Mayweather are no exception, so whose garage has the most muscle?

Conor McGregor: The Bullfighter
Conor McGregor is no stranger to attention — he even uses his Lamborghini to razz opponents before a big fight. However, not every car in McGregor’s selection is as loud as the white Aventador roadster the world champion fighter calls his flamethrower.

White Lamborghini Aventador Roadster; Image Source: Naver

Beginning in America, McGregor’s Cadillac Escalade and Corvette Stingray convertible should allow him to blend in without sacrificing luxury or performance, and he’s even got a diesel-powered 7-Series BMW for saving fuel on those long trips across Europe.
Of course, what fighter’s corral would be complete without a few exotics? McGregor’s roadster really does shoot flames, and it’s not the only Sant’Agata bull registered to the Irish martial-artist. Conor’s green Aventador, called Mutant, keeps the white car company alongside the only Huracan Avio in Ireland — in green of course.
The coupe ‘de grâce in the Irishman’s collection isn’t Italian, though — it’s McGregor’s multiple Rolls-Royces. Three to be exact: a Dawn, a Phantom Drophead Coupe and a Ghost. For a more personal luxury experience, he’s also got a Mercedes S500 decked out in leather the same color as that white Lamborghini.

Floyd Mayweather Jr: Many Cars for the Money Team

When your daytime occupation includes posting Instagram photos of yourself next to piles of cash, you’ve got to know how to make an entrance. With a car collection worth more than $15 million, Floyd Mayweather doesn’t disappoint.

Check out a wide selection of luxury cars; Image Source: YouTube

Maybe he does, though. You see, Mayweather rarely drives any of the fancy cars he owns, and he’s got even more to choose from than McGregor does.

Open the Money Mayweather garage and you’ll find none other than:
• A LaFerrari Hypercar
• A Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse in pearl white matte with red accents
• Another Veyron in black and red
• A Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita that is one of three in existence
• Two Bentley Mulsannes
• A Rolls-Royce Wraith — for his girlfriend
• His and hers Ferrari 458 Italias
• A Lamborghini Aventador
• A Bentley Flying Spur
• A Mercedes SLS-AMG
• The requisite boss status, neo-classic 90s Mercedes S-class

Those are just the highlights. Mayweather’s collection is so expansive, he’s actually offloading cars few people will ever get to drive. These include that pearl white Bugatti, which is listed for a cool $4 million, and a Ferrari Enzo that Moneymaker chose to part ways with in 2015.

The Winner and Still Champion
Sorry Conor, but it takes some serious car clout to hang with the kind of rides Mayweather’s got stashed. If it’s worth any consolation, the multiple-time world’s highest-paid athlete is apparently in tax trouble. Having 30-some exotic cars can do that. Maybe that’s why Mayweather doesn’t drive his cars — filling up 30 supercars isn’t cheap.

Image source: RVinyl

Some of McGregor’s selections are top-notch — the forest green Huracan, for example — but the majority of his collection lacks the imagination of Mayweather’s hypercars. That’s probably the reason you don’t see news stories about Conor’s tax situation.

There are few cars on the planet that match the wow factor of a LaFerrari, and the addition of the ultra-rare Koenigsegg seals the deal. This is one round that’s definitely going to Mayweather.

By Scott Huntington
Automotive YouTuber, Writer

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