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4 roads which you should drive

We all know that satisfying feeling when sitting behind the wheel of your perfect car. Felling that you own the street and nothing can stop you to hit the throttle. Of course, the definition of the perfect road is different and not every car matches the condition of every Highway. Up next we show you 4 unbelievable roads, which everyone who loves driving a car should at least driven once. Moreover we also recommend which car fits to which road. 3,2,1 GO.

The Atlantic Road, Norway


The first road we are introducing is this piece of art of 5.2 miles extending through the Norwegian group of islands. It is built on small islands with connecting causeways, viaducts and eight bridges. This one of a kind road cost 20 million dollars and it took almost six years to complete this cultural heritage. The car we chose for this road might seem a bit low key but after our drive it made perfect sense. The 5.0 liter V8 powered supercharged Range Rover is in this case the ultimate coastal cruiser. Elevated enough to take it all in despite guardrails enclosing the road, four wheel drive and one of the best suspension systems in the world this car make all bumps, bridges and road surfaces seem like flat asphalt. 

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The Furka Pass, Switzerland

The following road we would like to bring you closer is the Furka Pass in Switzerland. Often mentioned as the road with the most curves per mile, this road is on a total climb of almost 8,000 ft. In 1982 a 1.2-mile tunnel replaced the mountain road but by skipping out this amazing road is a sin, regardless of what type of car you are in. For us, the car we liked the best while conquering the Pass, is a car seemingly made for this extraordinary road. The Lamborghini Gallardo Super Trofeo Stradale. A car made specifically to master tight corners, sporting an extremely low profile, wide tires and an adjustable rear wing for maximum traction. Upwards you will fly thanks to the V10 engine producing 570 bhp and Lamborghinis patented four-wheel drive system. If mountain roads had dreams, this one would dream of a Super Trofeo Stradale.

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The Stelvio Pass, Italy

As you may noticed, we keep going South, after Norway and Switzerland we are now in Italy. For a long time this road has been referred as the greatest road in the world and it isn’t really surprising. With 78 beautifully made hairpins you climb over 3,000 yards and get to experience one of the most stunning views of the Italian alps. The construction of this road started in around 1820 and little has been changed about it except laying the asphalt. Motorcycle manufacturer Moto Guzzi even created a model and named it after this spectacular road. Some may say that obvious choice of car would be a Ferrari or a Lamborghini as homage to Italy but we believe that such a rare and extraordinary road demands an equally extraordinaire car. We chose the Pagani Huayra, which means “god of wind” and is a perfect hybrid between Argentinian passion and Italian car-making. A true beast of a car that find its true element on roads like this. With its V12 engine from Mercedes AMG division and two turbos, it develops 720 BHP resulting in stunning accelerating on every part of this pass. In other words, perfect match of stunning drive and scenery.

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The Great Ocean Road, Australia 

For our last Highway we are again going more south, more specifically we are going Down Under. The Great Ocean Road is 150 miles of beautiful scenery along side Australia’s south coast. The road was built by WWI-veterans in memory of their fallen fellow soldiers and thereby becomes the largest war memorial in the world. With beautiful sights, as for example the twelve apostle’s, this road contains landscapes which you will never forget. The car we recommend is as powerful and beautiful as this road, the Aston Martin Vanquish Volante. A V12 powered roadster with 565 BHP just begging to be released. With its retractable roof and a state of the art sound system from Bang & Olufsen this car will not only drive fast, it will make the journey a true unforgettable experience. 

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