Posted 2011-02-14 in Car

125 Years of Mercedes-Benz on James

125 years ago Carl Benz had the crazy idea of getting rid of the horse that pulled his carriage. Actually he’d thought of it long before then but in 1886 he actually filed a patent for the damn thing. They all laughed at kooky Carl and his three-wheeled “horseless carriage”, coming up with countless reasons why the contraption would never catch on. Old Carl, of course, had the last laugh. In 1926 the first Mercedes-Benz was built (Mercedes being the name of the ten-year-old daughter of one of the designers), establishing the world’s most famous auto marque. Carl only lived for a few more years but he went to his reward finally recognized as a visionary and genius.

One of the very first Mercedes-Benz models, a 1926 300 12/55 tourer, is listed for sale on James for €249,450 by Germany’s Auto Salon Singen GmbH, just one among their eye-popping assortment of Mercedes spanning the company’s entire 125 year history. Between them and our other dealers you could literally acquire the entire range of MBs, moving on to a wicked 1936 540K, an assortment of 300SLs including several gullwing coupes, all the way up to a €1.4 million SLR McLaren Stirling Moss, the new SLS AMG and everything in between.