Posted 2017-09-19 in /stories

Announcing First Time Auction Collaboration with Catawiki

James Edition, the world’s luxury marketplace, is proud to announce its collaboration with online auction platform Catawiki, the destination for rare and extraordinary items.

What is Catawiki?

Catawiki is an online auction platform with the mission of making special objects available to everyone. Founded in 2008 as a website where collector’s could easily manage their collections online, they held their first auction in 2011 and have since grown tremendously. They now offer weekly auctions in over 80 categories including jewellery, watches, classic cars, lifestyle categories and more. For millions of people around the world today, Catawiki is the place to go to discover rare and extraordinary items.

Unique selection

Catawiki is accessible all across the world and available in 17 different languages. Because of this, they offer a unique selection of special objects every week, offered up by sellers worldwide. What makes an object special? It is a hard-to-find item not available in our average store. Many of the unique items on Catawiki’s auctions also have a fascinating story behind them.

Team of experts

What sets Catawiki apart from other online auctions is their team of experts who review every item to ensure authenticity, quality and suitability for auction. Once an item is approved, it is planned into an upcoming auction. Their experts who are all specialists in their fields carefully curate each auction to provide the most diverse and highest possible quality listing.

Security guarantees

If your bid was the highest when the auction closes, you will automatically receive an email notifying you that you have won and explaining what happens next. Catawiki has a very secure payment method in place. After your payment is received, the seller will ship the object to you directly and your payment will be held until the item has been shipped.

It’s free and easy to get started; all you need is a free account to start placing your bids. You can also register here to become a seller on the platform and offer up your own unique items for auction. New auctions begin every Friday, so keep checking back to discover a new weekly selection of exceptional items.