Ulvsnes Island In The Beautiful Fjords Of Norway. One Of A Kind Oppurtunity!!

Aktiv Eiendomsmegling Asker og Bærum
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Aktiv Eiendomsmegling Asker og Bærum


Hurray!!! Covid is on the retreat and Norway is opening up!!!

The following groups can presently enter Norway:

- Foreign nationals who reside in a ‘green’ country or area in the EEA/Schengen area or in the UK, i.e. a country or area that is not covered by a duty to quarantine in accordance with section 4 subsection 1 (a) of the COVID-19 Regulations

- Foreign nationals wh…
Hurray!!! Covid is on the retreat and Norway is opening up!!!

The following groups can presently enter Norway:

- Foreign nationals who reside in a ‘green’ country or area in the EEA/Schengen area or in the UK, i.e. a country or area that is not covered by a duty to quarantine in accordance with section 4 subsection 1 (a) of the COVID-19 Regulations

- Foreign nationals who are fully vaccinated or who have recovered from COVID-19 in the past 6 months and who can document this with a COVID-19 certificate that has a QR code which can be verified by the Norwegian authorities

So get on a plane to Bergen and come see this amazing property!!!

Ever dreamt of owning a private island in a breathtaking Norwegian fjord?

Well, dream no more - let your dreams come true!

Welcome to Ulvsnes island located close to Bergen « the capital» of the Norwegian Westland. A complete island community with immense possibilities. Truly a rare opportunity!

This island has a massive potential, be it as a private and exclusive residence or summer home for you and your family, converted into and run as an exclusive boutique hotel, or as a holiday rental property with ECO-farming possibilities and immense income potential.

The perfect retreat for almost any use:
• Escape the big city madness - and enjoy the tranquility of being surrounded by water and gorgeous nature wherever you look. Reach a zen-like state of mind…
• Pick self grown herbs in your garden, relax under the shadow of a three in the meadow while reading your favorite book, let the kids explore the island in a completely safe environment, feed your own stock of alpacas, sheep, goats or whatever you wish to have of livestock.
• For the adventurers, take to the fjord in a speed-boat and hook yourself up on a wakeboard or water skis, have fun on a surfboard, throw a line in the water and catch your own dinner…
• Evenings with fire on the grill and barbecued fish that goes well together with a nice bottle of red

Be green and self-sufficient;
The property has been operated as a fully functional farm with animal husbandry and cultivated land, and has been adapted for ECO-farm operations. Until recently there were horses, sheep, alpacas, pigs and poultry on the island. There are also several greenhouses for organic food production.

If you are into the business side of things, there are wast opportunities to be made:
• Most of the buildings can easily be rented out as they are, on a short or long term basis.
• There would also be the possibility to have someone local live full time on the island as caretakers and to facilitate airbnb rentals or similar.
• The existing owner also has had several offers to rent the whole or parts of the island for summer camps on a regular basis, and even one of the leading holiday rental companies of the Scandivavian region has made contact…
• The main building would be convertible into a boutique hotel, and opening the island for a wider public use is most definitely something local authorities would welcome.

The island lies perfectly protected from the elements by steep mountainsides diving directly into the crystal clear waters. Ulvsnes Island has a wide variety of trees and plants, a football pitch, beautiful hiking trails, several bathing areas, a big wharf and spectacular 360 degrees views of the fjords and mountains that can be enjoyed from all around the island – there aren’t many views that can rival this!

The property includes a very large main building, 5 free standing houses, a medium sized barn, several workshops, storage houses, garages, boathouse and utilities-building, in addition to several greenhouses, a playground, a smokehouse and some sheds.

The exceptional 20,000 sq. ft. main house has a commanding presence overlooking the island. Framed by lushes gardens and pathways, this majestic building has an enormous potential.

Scattered around the island is a total of 29 buildings in addition to the main house. The building mass totals more than 32,000 sq. ft.

With 23 acres of woods, pathways and meadows, more than 32,000 sq. ft. built, a private wharf with deep anchorage, Ulvsnes Island is home to everything you could possibly need.

The island of Ulvsnes has a history stretching back thousands of years. It is believed to have once been a Crown Land, and later the island was under church rule, before being built as a boarding school for «naughty boys» in 1881. Since 1982 the island functioned as a low security prison until last year.

Ways of arriving at the island:
From Bergen International Airport - Flesland (BGO);
• By car: 45 minutes to Vaksdal. Ulvsnes Island is just a short boat ride from the mainland, where there is both a parking space, and docking for your boat.
• By train: 20 minutes to Bergen city station, then 25 minutes to Vaksdal.
• By boat: 20 minutes to Bergen city center, then 30 minutes by speed boat to the island dock.
• By helicopter: around 15-20 minutes. Land directly on the island.

• Great 4G/WiFi coverage
• Stable and upgraded electric systems
• Deep water docking
• Short boat ride to Vaksdal with grocery stores and public services

Renovations and upgrades:
• New outdoor sewage-pipes from all the buildings to the ocean connection
• Water shut-off valves are replaced in all buildings
• New water line from the mainland (Bruvik) by underwater tubes
• Several new water heaters are installed
• New electric inlet cables, panels and automatic fuses in all building
• All outdoor electricity included poles and wiring are changed
• WiFi control system for electric heaters / thermostats in all buildings
• Fire alarms are upgraded
• Camera systems installed
• 95% of all windows and doors are replaced on the main building 1 (A)
• Changed rebars and concrete over windows in Building 1 (A)
• Insulation and new wooden panels on most buildings
• Upgraded drainage around several buildings
• New inner and outer roofing on the entire main building (A)
• New floating dock

Serious offers are welcome!



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