Unique Development Shore Line Property With A Massive Potential Just Outside Trondheim In Norway

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Aktiv Eiendomsmegling Asker og Bærum


Hurray!!! Covid is on the retreat and Norway is opening up!!!

The following groups can presently enter Norway:

- Foreign nationals who reside in a ‘green’ country or area in the EEA/Schengen area or in the UK, i.e. a country or area that is not covered by a duty to quarantine in accordance with section 4 subsection 1 (a) of the COVID-19 Regulations

- Foreign nationals wh…
Hurray!!! Covid is on the retreat and Norway is opening up!!!

The following groups can presently enter Norway:

- Foreign nationals who reside in a ‘green’ country or area in the EEA/Schengen area or in the UK, i.e. a country or area that is not covered by a duty to quarantine in accordance with section 4 subsection 1 (a) of the COVID-19 Regulations

- Foreign nationals who are fully vaccinated or who have recovered from COVID-19 in the past 6 months and who can document this with a COVID-19 certificate that has a QR code which can be verified by the Norwegian authorities

So get on a plane to Trondheim and come see this amazing property located in the Trondheimsfjord, 5 km from Hasselvika and 10 km from Rissa city center, around 50 km from Trondheim city center and 80 km from Trondheim Intl. Airport, in a steep forest terrain that plunges down towards the Trondheimsfjord.

Possible uses and development possibilities;

1. As a private family retreat – The property could certainly serve as a private getaway for a grand family. There is huge potential for renovating and modernizing the existing buildings and turning them into modern living facilities. With the opportunity to go completely underground, the property could be easily converted to a perfect “survival get away home”

2. As a real estate development property – The zoning plan for the plot allows for reconstruction of existing, previously approved scattered housing, commercial and leisure development. Construction work, including extensions / extensions to existing buildings and garages / outbuildings may be permitted according to an ordinary building application. Change of use of existing buildings may be permitted where the purpose does not impede agricultural operations and where the measure does not involve subdivision of the property.

3. As a data centre facility – The plot and existing underground facilities has direct access to sea-water, the electricity cost is very low in Norway, the facility is easy guarded and secluded and Norwegian authorities has stated that “Norway should be an attractive host country for international investors and entrepreneurs”. One of the Norwegian government's main priorities for ICT policy is for the authorities to facilitate for the digital industry, including cloud service providers and data center operators. The Government will prepare guidelines for regulatory and licensing matters to facilitate efficiency, quality, shorter processing time and increased predictability for foreign investors seeking to develop land in Norway. Data centers use large amounts of power, the largest over 100 MW (in the order of 1 TWh with full utilization throughout the year, which is the consumption of a small aluminum plant). This makes power an important input factor for a data center. Predictable, low prices and stable power supplies are therefore among the foremost criteria. In addition, several of the large companies aim for their data centers to reduce energy consumption and mainly use renewable energy. Access to affordable and reliable renewable power was among the decisive criteria when Facebook announced that they would build their first data center outside the US in Luleå in Sweden in 2011. This is an advantage for Norway as power production is mainly based on adjustable climate-friendly hydropower and wind power. compared with other parts of Europe and the Nordic countries.
Noregian authorities wishes to facilitate for the 5 main criteria for DCE operators;
• Access to power with high delivery security - ie supply from at least two sides - in practice delivery from the 132 kV grid.
• Access to dark fiber with high delivery security and the possibility of transfer out of Norway several ways - at least three supply routes from the centre.
• Completed (or started) regulation of industrial area - minimum 24 acres.
• Good access to infrastructure - road, airport and proximity to city with access to competent laborforce.
• Possible start of construction within one year from the decision.

Soervikneset torpedo battery (decommissioned) is situated in the Rissa municipality, 45 minutes by boat from the city of Trondheim and 120 minutes by car from Trondheim Intl. Airport. The property sits on 24 acres of sloping plot with more than 400 meters of shoreline. The property includes a quay and 400 sqm bunker facilities and several smaller “pillboxes” built by the German Army during World War II, as well as a few buildings from the 1950s and 70s built by the Norwegian Military.

Sørviknes torpedo battery was built by the Germans as an extension of the original Agdenes fortifications to prevent the enemy from penetrating through the Trondheimsfjord. The torpedo battery was built in connection with a similar torpedo facility at Hambåra on the opposite side of the fjord.

Sørviknes consists of a torpedo station built inside the mountain, with garrison bunkers, some buildings used for garrisons and administration, anti-aircraft and machine gun positions, searchlight positions, bomb disposal systems and a number of local defense positions as well as quay facilities and road networks.

The defense facilities have been developed in several phases with traces in the landscape from the activities during World War II, and several developments in the post-war period.

The majority of the five buildings at Sørviknes are from the post-war period. The building mass has generally low authenticity. The technical facilities and the torpedo battery itself have been completely intact until it was decomissioned, but have now been removed.

Sørviknes torpedo battery formed an important part of the defense system along the Trondheimsfjord. The facility appears with its high degree of originality and with all technical installations preserved, as the last remaining, almost intact torpedo battery built by the Germans.

In addition, the facility's complete character, where all fortifications joints in connection with the torpedo battery, such as cannon and machine-gun positions, bomb disposal systems, local defense positions, etc., are retained. Together with the road network, this forms an interesting military-historical landscape.

The facility has been assessed in a museum context by the Defense Museum (FMU) as a defense facility of antiquarian and military historical value, and FMU concluded that for financial and location reasons it is not feasible to maintain the torpedo battery as a defense museum.

The low authenticity of the building stock means that the buildings are of less antiquarian interest and therefore they are not included in the national protection plan. This has opened for the buildings to be completely demolished.

History of Sørvikneset Torpedo battery
March 1945 - Soerviknes torpedo battery and settlement camp built by the Germans as an extension of Agden's fortifications.

1945 - The facility was taken over by the Norwegian Armed Forces

1950 - The plant was consolidated with ammunition storage and a few barracks, technical installations, two mitral positions and two cannon locations (20 mm air defense cannons).

1970 - New individual buildings, technical installations, eight mitral positions, two bomber positions (81mm), one observation post and one near-defense post were added.

1980 - The establishment was further reinforced with two bomber launchers (81 mm), one bomber command post and one larger coverage area.

1997 – Soerviknes was decommissioned and the weapons system dismantled.

2003 – Soervikneset was sold to a private company (current owner)



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Sørviknesveien 133, Trondheim, Trøndelag, Norway

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