Antelope Creek Ranch $ 4,300,000

Antelope Creek Ranch
Antelope Creek Ranch
Antelope Creek Ranch
Antelope Creek Ranch

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$ 4,300,000
approx. $ 4,300,000
approx. € 3.496.291,30
approx. 15,793,960.20 د.إ
approx. $ 5,604,856.50
approx. $ 5,543,336.40
approx. CHF 4,117,619.80
approx. ¥ 27,042,270
approx. £ 3,064,248.80
approx. $ 33,747,690
approx. 25.980.346,30 kn
approx. $ 78,462,702
approx. 33.760.366,40 kr
approx. 247.201.302,50 ₽
approx. 36 009 881,30 kr
approx. ฿ 134,344,900
approx. R 50,941,321.70
approx. $ 125,307,977
approx. ₱ 224,739,500
approx. 88 759 198,20 Kč
approx. ₨ 142,751,400
approx. $ 5,637,953.60
approx. $ 3,583,921
approx. $ 2.596.340.000
approx. B/. 4,300,000
approx. $ 8,600,000
approx. ₹ 279,998,800
approx. ¥ 457,314,610
approx. $ 11,620,965
approx. $ 5,960,105.30
approx. £ 3,064,248.80
approx. R$ 14.294.042,80
approx. ₪ 15,093,786.90
approx. ر.ع. 1,655,414
approx. 14 730 295 zł


  • Location: Robert Lee US United States
  • Address: FM 2034, Robert Lee, TX 76945 ()
  • Land area: 2680.0 ac
  • Internal Reference: DD89PS


PROPERTY DESCRIPTION: The historic 2,680-acre Antelope Creek Ranch provides some of the most scenic views in West Texas.  This beautiful ranch is high fenced for game management purposes, and is an extremely balanced combination hunting, cattle, or family ranch. A highly managed trophy whitetail deer and quail program has created an abundance of wildlife throughout the property. Antelope Creek Ranch has outstanding Bobwhite and Blue Quail populations due to brush management and habitat preservation and may possibly be one of the top quail hunting ranches in west Texas. Formally part of the historic 200,000-acre L.B. Harris ranch, it was the route of the Butterfield Stagecoach which carried mail from St. Louis to California. There are several Calvary lookout points on the ranch which were used to protect the stage from the Comanches, who used the area for their hunting grounds. There are 13 miles of high fence, 2 lakes as well as stock tanks, 8 + miles of interior fence, multiple food plots and multiple blinds, corn feeders, and protein feeders.  The current owners retained a wildlife biologist in 1995 and began a strict game management plan designed by Texas Parks and Wildlife and the Rolling Plains Quail Institute.  The ranch has been awarded the State of Texas Game Management Certificate and is under the MLD Level III program, which allows for an extended deer hunting season. Antelope Creek Ranch has also received awards from Texas Parks and Wildlife and the Rolling Plains Quail Research Institute for its outstanding management practices and habitat management.   

LOCATION: Antelope Creek Ranch is located at the northern edge of the Edwards Plateau near the town of Robert Lee, Texas, and is situated about 1 ½ miles from the Colorado River. The property is 76 miles Southwest of Abilene, and 30 miles North of San Angelo. The main entrance to the Ranch is about 4 miles from the center of Robert Lee.  Distance to the ranch from Fort Worth is 224 miles with an estimated travel time of 3 1/2 hours.

TERRAIN: The terrain of Antelope Creek Ranch is consistent with that of the Coke County area with several exceptions that really differentiate this property from neighboring ranches. The terrain possesses some of the most beautiful topography in the area with elevation changes on the ranch from 1,640 ft up to 2,425 ft within its boundaries. The range conditions on this ranch are special with a good mixture of brush, food plots, canyons, creeks and draws.  A brush management plan was established in 1997 and includes the removal of cedar, some mesquite, burns and reseeding, which has created exceptional wildlife cover and food sources throughout the property. The current owner estimates the clearing of over 2,200 acres of cedar since the plan began. They have done extensive dozer work clearing areas for planting food plots and improving the grass conditions for wildlife and livestock.

TREES, BROWSE, AND GRASSES: The tree cover is diverse with the predominate species consisting of mesquite, oak, ash and soapberry. The ranch also has fantastic grasses and browse consisting of sideoats grama, big bluestem, little bluestem, windmill grass, green spindletop, winter rye grass, catclaw, lime prickly ash, elbow brush, holly, acacia as well as others.

SOILS: The ranch sits in what is called the Central Rolling Red Plains and consist mostly of Tillman, Vernon, and Hollister soils.

WATER: Surface water on the ranch consist of two (2) manmade lakes stocked with channel catfish, and 3 stock tanks. Coke county has an average rainfall of 22 inches annually with higher amounts throughout the county. There are 3 wells on the ranch and 6 miles of underground water lines that will provide water for the lodge and additional water for cattle and wildlife.