Historic house of the 19-20th century $ 88,177,489

Historic house of the 19-20th century
Historic house of the 19-20th century
Historic house of the 19-20th century
Historic house of the 19-20th century

Listed Price

$ 88,177,489
approx. € 71.635.392,06
approx. $ 88,177,489
approx. 323,893,552.59 د.إ
approx. $ 112,646,742.20
approx. $ 111,879,598.04
approx. CHF 82,366,592.47
approx. ¥ 558,622,028.31
approx. £ 62,985,180.39
approx. $ 689,830,131.94
approx. 532.997.650,01 kn
approx. $ 1,636,062,766.40
approx. 692.828.166,57 kr
approx. 4.974.568.312,93 ₽
approx. 719 660 576,47 kr
approx. ฿ 2,772,300,254.16
approx. R 1,021,271,677.60
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  • Location: Moscow Russian Federation
  • Address: Ostozhenka ()
  • Property type: Other
  • Bedrooms: 9
  • Bathrooms: 6
  • Living area: 1491 sqm (16049 sqft)
  • Land area: 720.0 sqm (7750.0 sqft)
  • Internal Reference: T3THEQ


The territory of the estate is located on the corner of Ostozhenka Street and Sechenovsky side-street. The current borders of the estate were formed in 1842 as a result of division of a larger estate, whose history dates back to the middle of XVIII century. Historically this block formed a part of the grand-ducal lands of Ostozh'e. The development of this territory and of its population was significantly influenced by the direct proximity to one of the most ancient roads that passed along the modern Ostozhenka to the South-West of the Moscow principality. In 1890 the mansion was passed to Vladimir Alexandrovich Lyzhin, a hereditary honorary citizen and first guild merchant, owner of a textile factory in Ivanteevka outside of Moscow. In 1907 as a result of reconstructions during 1901-1907 the structure of the 20 rooms house has been finalised and remains generally the same to this day. Despite the significant increase in construction density of the area at the beginning of XX century, Lyzhins still retained a large garden at the corner of Ostozhenka and Poluektovsky side-street, which existed for one and a half centuries. Currently the full range of reconstruction and repair works have been performed for the restoration of the building. All of the utilities fully correspond to modern norms. There is a car park on the territory.

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