Castle House In New Moscow 114.000.000 ₽

Castle  House In New Moscow
Castle  House In New Moscow
Castle  House In New Moscow
Castle  House In New Moscow

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Moscow Sotheby's International Realty

“Riga Land” BC, 9 km of New 9 Km of New Riga Highway
9 Km of New Riga Highway
Moscow City
Russian Federation
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Responsible agent Elena Rudenkaia

Listed Price

114.000.000 ₽
approx. € 1.621.694,76
approx. $ 1,998,285.68
approx. 7,339,507.48 د.إ
approx. $ 2,597,875.30
approx. $ 2,577,734.58
approx. CHF 1,904,616.04
approx. ¥ 12,565,220.36
approx. £ 1,424,088.28
approx. $ 15,683,764.98
approx. 12.073.442,26 kn
approx. $ 36,343,840.81
approx. 15.682.725,87 kr
approx. 114.000.000 ₽
approx. 16 670 924,10 kr
approx. ฿ 62,295,556.97
approx. R 23,664,186.62
approx. $ 58,254,024.18
approx. ₱ 104,267,457.50
approx. 41 155 462,94 Kč
approx. ₨ 66,343,084.62
approx. $ 2,619,350.87
approx. $ 1,664,198.29
approx. $ 1.206.844.654
approx. B/. 1,998,285.68
approx. $ 3,996,571.36
approx. ₹ 130,119,371.28
approx. ¥ 212,260,902
approx. $ 5,400,466.97
approx. $ 2,760,232.01
approx. £ 1,424,088.28
approx. R$ 6.601.220,85
approx. ₪ 6,993,300.48
approx. ر.ع. 768,810.442
approx. 6 833 337,72 zł
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  • Location: Moscow Russian Federation
  • Property type: House
  • Bedrooms: 6
  • Living area: 1000 sqft (93 sqm)
  • Land area: 1000.0 sqm (10763.9 sqft)
  • Internal Reference: QTWC59


The house and the main buildings are built in the same style of the old castle. The facades are made of a combination of natural porphyry (fine-grained granite), limestone and bricks.
The central wall is overgrown with virginia creeper, which changes colors with the seasons, from green color to the shades of burgundy, thereby emphasizing the fabulousness of the buildings.

Due to the non-standard construction solution (the castle looks as if it rests on a cliff on one side), from different perspectives, the house looks different. For example, from the river side, in front of the viewer, it appears as a lone castle on the cliff’s top, surrounded by an ancient wall with towers and battlements; while on the other points it will look like a cozy mansion with a lot of outbuildings.

Planning of the main house is multilevel and includes 6 bedrooms with large fitted wardrobes, 7 bathrooms, a living room, a music room and a games room, a billiard saloon with a bar and a sauna.

There are two working fireplaces, a private balcony and a spiral staircase. The height of ceilings in some rooms is up to eight meters. There are shelves for books in the halls of each floor. Interior decoration combines brick and stone (walls), wood (ceilings) and marble (floor).
It offers a magnificent view of the forest surrounding the house.
In addition to the main house there are:
• Pool
• Guesthouse (log cabin), which can be used as a home for workers
• Three-room log house with functioning sauna (36 sq m)

Two- storied garage, where the first floor is a studio, and on the second floor a spacious fireplace hall is located. The tower has a rest-room (141 sq m)
• A gazebo of the Chinese style
• A cellar, decorated in a similar style to the main house

The site with its unique forest landscape 15 years before was a part of the golden fund of the forestry. Now there are growing oaks, chestnut trees, firs and pines, being followed by the care, and in some parts of the territory one can find the ferns and wild strawberries in abundant. In autumn the forest is full of mushrooms (white, aspen mushrooms, milk mushrooms, saffron milk caps and honey agarics).

On the territory of the site there are an artificial dam, equipped tilt towards the river and a place for swimming and relaxing, with the grill and a table with a canopy for alfresco dining.