Ancient villa with large park in Perugia € 9.000.000

 Ancient villa with large park in Perugia
 Ancient villa with large park in Perugia
 Ancient villa with large park in Perugia
 Ancient villa with large park in Perugia

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Listed Price

€ 9.000.000
approx. $ 11,089,985.37
approx. € 9.000.000
approx. 40,732,429.46 د.إ
approx. $ 14,417,557.66
approx. $ 14,305,781.70
approx. CHF 10,570,142.31
approx. ¥ 69,733,828.03
approx. £ 7,903,333.53
approx. $ 87,040,970.10
approx. 67.004.582,63 kn
approx. $ 201,699,219.88
approx. 87.035.203,31 kr
approx. 632.671.466,58 ₽
approx. 92 519 456,15 kr
approx. ฿ 345,724,749.03
approx. R 131,330,312.75
approx. $ 323,295,253.61
approx. ₱ 578,658,291.67
approx. 228 402 518,41 Kč
approx. ₨ 368,187,514.40
approx. $ 14,536,741.74
approx. $ 9,235,883.99
approx. $ 6.697.685.766
approx. B/. 11,089,985.37
approx. $ 22,179,970.75
approx. ₹ 722,129,942.59
approx. ¥ 1,177,994,881
approx. $ 29,971,239.97
approx. $ 15,318,596.80
approx. £ 7,903,333.53
approx. R$ 36.635.123,46
approx. ₪ 38,811,067.31
approx. ر.ع. 4,266,705.523
approx. 37 923 313,98 zł


  • Year: 1800
  • Location: Italy
  • Address: Strada della Torre 25 ()
  • Property type: Villa
  • Bedrooms: 13
  • Bathrooms: 10
  • Living area: 5000 sqm (53820 sqft)
  • Land area: 60000.0 sqm (645834.0 sqft)
  • Floors: 4
  • Internal Reference: 260


At about 4 Km from Perugia, 150 km from Florence and 180 from Rome, magnificent and luxurious villa dating from the fifteenth century, in addition to a farm for a total of 2100 sqm; perfectly restored in 1930 by the architect Tarceva from Rome, and later restored to its former glory, the house has an area of about 2450 sqm and it  is surrounded by an Italian garden and a park where  fountains, swimming pool, pond, amphitheater, walking paths are placed.
Location and Lifestyle
This beautiful property is located in the heart of Umbria, in a hamlet in the immediate vicinity of Perugia; the area where it is located is very charming and it is strategic to reach cities such as Assisi, Spoleto, Siena, Florence and Rome, known throughout the world for their historical, artistic and religious importance .
The fulcrum of the entire complex is undoubtedly the Villa which is located at the center, in a dominant position, with the land and several outbuildings that surround it, protect it and increase its beauty and prestige.
The original building was built around a fifteenth century watchtower.
In 1700 it was owned by a noble family who built a large house with a garden.
In the early twentieth century it was sold.
In 1930 it was renovated by the architect Ugo Tarchi from Rome: it  assumed a stately appearance, the arrangement of the Italian garden was treated , in the park a swimming pool and a lake for swans were built  and paths for walking were created ; It gave the classic look of the Tuscan farms to the farm; they built new homes for settlers, greenhouses and several outbuildings.
In 1989, after a trial lasting nearly 40 years of abandonment period, the property was sold to the current owners, who have returned the former glory by ensuring the restoration of the Villa, of the garden and of the park.
The current appearance of the Villa is  due to the Architect Tarchi's project that was inspired by Roman and Tuscan eighteenth centurymodels , using them and re-inventing them completely.
The stone tower in stone, which was united with the existing building, is topped by a lookout from which one discovers a picturesque landscape, magical traits, showing in all its beauty  the surrounding plains, the hills until  Assisi, Perugia and lake Trasimeno.
master - sqm -villa. 2450
-Fattoria Renovated - sqm. 721
-Fattoria to Renovate - sqm. 1378
-Fabbricati Various Agricultural - sqm. 500
Magnificent and luxurious villa dating from the fifteenth century, in addition to a farm for a total of 2100 sqm; perfectly restored in 1930 by architect Tarchi from Rome, and later restored to its former glory, the house has an area of about 2,450 sqm.
The property includes a farm of about 2000 sqm, various outbuildings with horse boxes, caretaker's house, and 5 hectares of land.
Outdoor spaces
The villa is surrounded by an Italian garden and by a park in which fountains, a swimming pool, a pond for the swans, a gazebo, a small amphitheater, a well and the water supply tank are placed.  They are both  of great historical interest because they bear witness to the taste of which were planted by the presence of numerous plants of Lebanon, palms, citrus, magnolia, etc., in addition to other typical of the area, such as boxwood, privet, laurel, lilac.
In their entirety land has an area of about 5 hectares
State of repair
The villa and part of the farm are in perfect condition, well maintained, while a  part of the farm should be restored.
But there is no doubt that the greater value of the property is transferred by the Villa in which, in a charming atmosphere made by the frescoes, the numerous medieval and classical-inspired decorations that enliven the walls and ceilings, alternate living rooms, lounges, billiard room, a library and many bedrooms, each with its own bathroom.
The living rooms of the Villa are painted and decorated, the doors are original '700; numerous fine marble fireplaces, old terracotta floors; numerous bedrooms with a bathroom, a large and feature library, billiards room and so on.
 The saloon doors are original eighteenth century, painted by Perugino De Marchi, many locals are adorned with fine marble fireplaces and patio is paved with terracotta and majolica from Deruta.
Potential of Use
This magnificent property is suitable both as a prestigious and luxurious private house and  as to be transformed into a structure of "a high level, this is also thanks to its location, private and scenic but easy to access and well connected to major roads