Paradise, Bohus Style, In The Fjällbacka Archipelago 16 200 000 kr

Paradise, Bohus Style, In The Fjällbacka Archipelago
Paradise, Bohus Style, In The Fjällbacka Archipelago
Paradise, Bohus Style, In The Fjällbacka Archipelago
Paradise, Bohus Style, In The Fjällbacka Archipelago

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Listed Price

16 200 000 kr
approx. € 1.574.873,79
approx. $ 1,941,747.57
approx. 7,131,951.46 د.إ
approx. $ 2,529,623.30
approx. $ 2,505,366.99
approx. CHF 1,852,669.90
approx. ¥ 12,206,990.29
approx. £ 1,385,184.47
approx. $ 15,242,621.36
approx. 11.731.844,66 kn
approx. $ 35,314,182.52
approx. 15.229.394,17 kr
approx. 111.316.504,85 ₽
approx. 16 200 000 kr
approx. ฿ 60,532,038.83
approx. R 22,974,281.55
approx. $ 56,289,042.72
approx. ₱ 101,317,386.41
approx. 39 944 660,19 Kč
approx. ₨ 64,466,019.42
approx. $ 2,544,718.45
approx. $ 1,618,533.98
approx. $ 1.172.621.359
approx. B/. 1,941,747.57
approx. $ 3,883,495.15
approx. ₹ 126,368,155.34
approx. ¥ 206,359,223
approx. $ 5,247,669.90
approx. $ 2,681,601.94
approx. £ 1,385,184.47
approx. R$ 6.417.669,90
approx. ₪ 6,777,475.73
approx. ر.ع. 747,535.922
approx. 6 645 724,27 zł
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  • Location: Fjällbacka Sweden
  • Property type: House
  • Bedrooms: 3
  • Living area: 1615 sqft (150 sqm)
  • Land area: 912.0 sqm (9816.7 sqft)
  • Internal Reference: SD2X7M


In the wonderful Fjällbacka archipelago, with the Weather Islands (Sw. Väderöarna) and the horizon as neighbours, you’ll find the seaside property known as Flava, which dates back to 1870. A seashell beach, a private dock that accommodates deep-draught boats, a boathouse of about 78 square metres, two guest cottages, and the main dwelling house make this property a unique Bohus County paradise. The name, Flava, derives from yellow beach poppies, and was given by Nobel laureate Theodor Svedberg. The house stands out with its mansard roof, and enjoys a quiet and beautiful location on Fläskö Island (Sw. Fläskön), protected from the prevailing west wind. The property occupies an incredible location, with its front patio overlooking the seashell beach. The property stretches from south to north on the island's headland, a location that provides plenty of sunshine all day long, against the backdrop of the sea.

As owner of this property, you will not only have a wonderful holiday home with breathtaking views, but you’ll also own one-eighth of the entire Fläskö Island. This status allows you to move freely outside the actual homestead sites, without having to worry trespassing on someone else's land, freely chose to swim anywhere on  the island, and even pick oysters on the island's west side, toward Gluppö Basin. You can reach Fläskö Island by boat from the  Fjällbacka and Hamburgsund, the closest harbours on the mainland. Once you get here, head for the jetty, which also has wooden benches sheltered from both the east and west wind.

The jetty leads up to the big, 78 square metre boathouse with a sauna and a tastefully decorated captain’s guest room. All over, you’ll find details dating from the 17th century, and objects taken from shipwrecks, washed ashore from the open sea. A path through the greenery from the boathouse leads you to the upper guest cottage and its patio. This guest house has a kitchen area to the left of the entrance, where you’ll find storage space, a stove, refrigerator and sink, as well as room for a water connection. To the right, there is room for beds and a fireplace that contributes to the cosiness, even though this is not currently in use.

North of the upper guest cottage, you’ll find Flava, the main house, proudly displaying its mansard roof, and partially obscured by the lush green garden in front. The first thing you’ll notice on the path is the sea, which claims pride of place next to the inviting entrance hall of the house and the stairs leading up to it. Inside the main house, the sea is a constant feature toward the north, while the greenery toward the south, together with old pastels and light colours, combines to create a delightful ambience throughout the house. The main house includes a master bedroom with closet storage and lush views, a kitchen with integrated refrigerator/freezer, stove and oven and a sink, and featuring a high window that offers a view of the beach and sea. Suddenly, washing dishes and cooking will become an experience of serenity. Adjacent to the kitchen is the dining room with its wonderful views and sunshine in the afternoon and evening. This level also includes a guest room with closet storage and plenty of beds. The upper level of the main house consists of a large room with an open layout, with built-in shelves and storage closets that adorn the walls facing east and west, and plenty of natural light throughout the room. Here you can work at a desk with a sea as a backdrop, or sit comfortably and enjoy the view, in front of the fireplace.

Below the west side of the main house is the lower guest house, which features a bathroom with a shower and sink, as well as a spacious bedroom with wonderful sea views. Adjacent to this guest house is also an outhouse with a combustion toilet. The property's design enables guests staying in the guest houses to manage well on their own without needing to enter the main building, Flava.