Breathtaking Apartment On The Florentine Hills Price On Request

Breathtaking Apartment On The Florentine Hills
Breathtaking Apartment On The Florentine Hills
Breathtaking Apartment On The Florentine Hills
Breathtaking Apartment On The Florentine Hills

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  • Location: Firenze, Italy
  • Address: Via delle Gore, 50141 Florence FI, Italy
  • Property type: Apartment
  • Bedrooms: 3
  • Living area: 5382 sqft (500 sqm)
  • Internal Reference: 7GM4V4


This stunning property is located in Florence in the area of the hills of Monte Morello. The villa which dates back to the XV century, in the nineteenth century belonged to Matilde Bonaparte married with the Russian Prince Anatolio Demidoff. It was at this time that it assumed the final structure that is admired today. The building has a very simple structure, with three floors in the upstream, and a garden “all’Italiana” on the lower side: on that front there is a nineteenth-century “loggia” with three arches on twin columns. This luxury apartment occupies half of the main floor, and runs for about 500m² occupied mostly by sumptuous rooms, which are elegantly decorated. The main entrance is located on the upper side, from which through a wide doorway it leads to a hall decorated with marble busts and a frescoed ceilings. From the hall through a monumental stone staircase you can reach the first floor where crossing an elegant door we are welcomed by the main hall, about 6 meters high and has a wonderful vaulted and frescoed ceiling with nineteenth-century motifs. This room leads to another equally great room and a terrace, which runs parallel to the hall, from which one gets a charming view of Florence and of the garden “ all’italiana” that continues with the great lawn of the English park . The park consists of a green scenic spot of great beauty that serves as the main villa’s background, covering a surface of more than 6 hectares . The other lodgings are used as sumptuous rooms and comfortable quarters in the home service, all renovated with good taste and elegance. Inside the apartment there are three bedrooms, three bathrooms, a large kitchen, a studio and various utility rooms. All this is accompanied by big rooms on the basement floor .

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