118029 S. 4219 Road $ 2,380,000

118029 S. 4219 Road
118029 S. 4219 Road
118029 S. 4219 Road

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$ 2,380,000
approx. $ 2,380,000
approx. € 1.931.472,34
approx. 8,741,506.76 د.إ
approx. $ 3,094,123.76
approx. $ 3,070,135.74
approx. CHF 2,268,437.50
approx. ¥ 14,965,440
approx. £ 1,696,118.90
approx. $ 18,679,691.80
approx. 14.379.722 kn
approx. $ 43,286,273.80
approx. 18.678.454,20 kr
approx. 135.776.382 ₽
approx. 19 855 418,94 kr
approx. ฿ 74,195,310
approx. R 28,184,540.72
approx. $ 69,381,760
approx. ₱ 124,184,720.52
approx. 49 017 016,30 Kč
approx. ₨ 79,016,000
approx. $ 3,119,701.62
approx. $ 1,982,094.94
approx. $ 1.437.377.200
approx. B/. 2,380,000
approx. $ 4,760,000
approx. ₹ 154,974,890
approx. ¥ 252,807,170
approx. $ 6,432,069
approx. $ 3,287,494
approx. £ 1,696,118.90
approx. R$ 7.862.191,96
approx. ₪ 8,329,167
approx. ر.ع. 915,669.300
approx. 8 138 648 zł


  • Location: Eufaula US United States
  • Address: 118029 S 4219 Rd, Eufaula, OK 74432 ()
  • Land area: 212.5 ac
  • Internal Reference: K8WEN6


If you have ever boated on Lake Eufaula and looked upon Standing Rock, no doubt you mused…Gee, I’d sure love to own that mountain! Situated on the north shore of Lake Eufaula lies this one of a kind property, unique in its history and beauty. These 212 acres claim over 6,000 feet of spectacular shoreline on Oklahoma’s largest lake, famous for its fishing and boating. The mesa-top and lake front offer scores of high-end home sites for a premier development; yet the property beacons to be enjoyed as your personal playground. The 100’ cliffs overlooking flowering dogwood provide awe-inspiring views to the east, south and west over miles of water.

The property has rural water district and electrical connections as well as abundant water rights to take sufficient water from the lake for a full-scale development. Roads and home sites were carefully created within the mountain topography to create an ever-changing, three-dimensional painting. 

There are areas of the property which are most exceptional in their grandeur.  'The Point' claims one of THE very best vistas in all of Oklahoma. Below ‘The Point’ is ‘Oz’ gazing upon 70’ tall specimen Red Oaks, Black Walnuts, Sycamores, Hickories, flowering Dogwood and Red Bud. Meandering outcroppings ranging from 20’ to 70’ in height offer endless opportunities for rock climbing. 'The Cliffs' and ‘The Bluffs’ overlook the peninsula and rock islands jutting into Lake Eufaula. The northern end of the property offers relaxing walks through 20 acres of giant pine trees. 

Rainstorms bring the rocks and trees to life with vivid multi-colored lichen and moss. The property sits in the direct migration route for many species, including ducks, geese, pelicans and other waterfowl on their annual journeys north and south. Enjoy bird watching with Golden Eagles, Bald Eagles, Owls, Woodpeckers, Turkeys, Bluebirds, Titmice, Chickadees, Juncos, Cardinals, American Goldfinch, Wrens, Painted Bunting, Swallows and many more species jaunting through the forest.  

A well known Tournament Lake, Eufaula draws anglers from all over.  White tail deer abound.

The property is 15 minutes from the town of Eufaula; 90 minutes from Tulsa; 2 hours from Oklahoma City and 3 hours from Dallas.

A Brief History:  Over 300 million years ago, this mountain was part of a flat, marshy delta where long-since extinct tree-ferns and scale-trees grew, reaching 325 feet in height.  Their fossilized remains may be found scattered about the mountain. Primitive Man lived here from the Paleo Period (12,000-8,000 BC) followed by Archaic Man (8,000-1,000 BC), Woodland Peoples (1,000 BC-800 AD) and Caddoan Tribes (800-1,700 AD).  There is a Viking Rune Stone on the mountain not unlike those found at Heavener Runestone State Park as well as Poteau State Park.

The infamous ‘Trail of Tears’ ended here.  The Choctaw and Chickasaw were apportioned land south, the Cherokee, Creek and Seminole land north of the Canadian River. It was in 1833 that Nathan Boone, son of Daniel Boone, surveyed the Old Indian Treaty Line, dividing the Creek Nation on the west from the Cherokee Nation to the east.  Today, that boundary line demarcates the property’s western border.

Books cite rumors of treasures left by Desoto and Coronado who traversed Standing Rock Pass in the 1500's.  In the 1880’s, Belle Starr and the Younger Brothers "hid out" on Standing Rock Mountain.  Treasure Hunters leased this very property in the 1920’s and 1930’s searching for Belle Starr’s treasure.

Today, you may find the Treasure of Standing Rock with your eyes: The lake, beaches, cliffs, rock formations, trees and wildlife.  Most people come to Lake Eufaula for the summer, their missing out on fall, winter and spring, the most exciting, stimulating times of the year on this historically unique and majestic mountain!  To ensure the privacy and security of property owners please visit by appointment ONLY.