Villa On The City Outskirts For Boundless Living

  • 3 Beds
  • 2 Baths
  • 3,983 sqft
  • 17,707 sqft lot
  • $348/sqft
Villa on the city outskirts for boundless living

Home where luxury, charm, and surprises await you
Located in Enschede, on the border with the village of Usselo, lies this beautiful and s
Villa on the city outskirts for boundless living

Home where luxury, charm, and surprises await you
Located in Enschede, on the border with the village of Usselo, lies this beautiful and spacious split-level villa in the quiet and family-friendly neighborhood of Broekheurne. Surrounded by trees, this home is a perfect fusion of tranquility, privacy, and luxurious living.

Built in 1986, this property has undergone extensive renovations, expansions, and updates over the past 24 years. As a result, an impressive, spacious, and contemporary villa with a detached garage now graces Heersenkampweg. The villa boasts eight rooms, including three bedrooms, two bath/shower facilities, and a separate toilet.

Almost all living desires are fulfilled here. Imagine a professional kitchen with a wine bar, a wine climate cabinet, and a cozy living room where the round fireplace is a flaming centerpiece. Or endless enjoyment with family and friends on the covered terrace with a spacious outdoor kitchen? Even a jacuzzi, a swimming pool, and a sports area are not missing. Each room in the house seems to tell its own story.

Together with the repeated level differences between the various spaces, this makes it an exciting house to fully live and experience. Because behind every wall lies a new surprise, such as a sauna as part of the wellness wing and a unique laundry chute. The laundry ends up in the large basement. So boring and monotonous? On the contrary! This original villa is a warm home with a unique charm that runs like a thread through both the lower and upper floors. The use of natural materials and serene colors creates a cohesive style.

The characteristic villa is almost entirely surrounded by trees and a low-maintenance garden. The plot is shielded by an electric gate and a camera system.

Anyone unaware of nearby neighbors might think this living jewel is situated in a nature reserve. Both inside and outside, privacy is paramount. If you want to experience the vibrant city feeling, the center of Enschede can be reached after a ten-minute bike ride. The nearest highways are just four kilometers away.

Since 2000, renovations and expansions have been regularly carried out inside and outside. For example, an extra bedroom and a bar were built. During an internal reorganization, the entire kitchen was relocated, and an extension was added. The paving was completely renewed in 2021, as was the cover for the beautiful swimming pool. Last year saw the final intervention. All interior doors have been replaced. In addition, the light switches have been upgraded to superior Busch and Jaeger materials, and the house has been internally plastered and painted.

Lower Floor


The heart of the villa beats in the kitchen
If cooking isn’t already your passion, it undoubtedly will be in the professional, practical, semi-open kitchen. The natural stone floor has underfloor heating. Thanks to the central kitchen island, cooking together becomes a tempting challenge. The kitchen island features a stainless steel countertop with a six-burner induction hob and two sinks. The kitchen is also equipped with a 4-in-1 Quooker, oven, combination microwave, pressure steamer, dishwasher, double fridge-freezer combination, and a quality coffee machine from Faema; the Ferrari among its counterparts. The gravel-look wallpaper is indistinguishable from real stones. Colorful, custom-made artworks add a cheerful touch to the décor.

Wine Tasting in Your Own Kitchen
Dining can be done at the spacious dining area. The table can be illuminated with a beautiful lamp resembling a atmospheric rain of lights. However, the preference is likely for the sublime dimmable lighting system designed by a lighting architect. Daylight also floods in abundantly through the many windows behind the fixed kitchen block. Wine enthusiasts will also find themselves in paradise in this kitchen. In the corner of the kitchen shines a wine bar with climate cabinets, allowing you to combine a cozy dinner perfectly with a wine tasting in your own kitchen.

Home Pub with Guiness Tap
From outside, the kitchen is also accessible via the bar. The home pub with a wooden bar was built in 2017 and has since been the setting for many parties or football matches. Guinness beer flows from the tap. Inside and outside are separated only by long windows in frames and doors.

Living Room:
Neutral Base of Warm Earth Tones
From the kitchen, you step into the spacious yet cozy living room via three steps. The round fireplace with inset stones is striking. As it is laid out on the border with the kitchen, the play of flames is visible from all sides. The interior has a neutral base of warm earth tones and new matching in-betweens. The oak floorboards are smoked and oiled. The playful living room takes an unexpected turn into a second area, a delightful place to retreat with a good book.

Passage as Cloverleaf
The living room flows into a passage. From there, the space accessible is now used as a workspace/office. However, it can also be converted into a bedroom. The floor is laid with Mustang slate. One of the walls is clad with wooden planks. Back to the passage - the raised cloverleaf of the ground floor - to take another turn. Via a corridor, you enter the open dressing room. But not before a hatch in the wall catches your attention. It is a laundry chute that leads to the basement: one of the many unique details the villa harbors.

Bathroom and Wellness
Enjoy and relax in the wellness wing
The corridor ends in a luxurious wellness wing. On the left side is the bathroom in a robust style, emphasized by the slate-colored natural stone walls, floors, and a sink with Bonomi design taps emerging from the wall. A partition wall separates the space. On one side, a free-hanging toilet and a bidet are housed. The shower area on the other side features a large rainfall shower.

Cool Wall from the Twentekanaal
Ultimate relaxation can be found in the adjacent space in the custom-made sauna. You can shower afterwards under the rain/plunge shower. Literally ”cool” is the wall that extends from the sauna into the master bedroom. Neither wallpaper nor paint determines its atmosphere, but hundreds of stones. ”These are river stones,” informs the current resident and creator of the spectacular wall covering. ”The stones come from the Twentekanaal and have been carefully and lovingly incorporated into this wall. This house is in Twente, but this way, Twente is also present in the home.”

Master Bedroom
Three Rolls for a Fresh Dive
In addition to the artistic Twentse stone wall with built-in wooden niche for accessories, the ceiling in the master bedroom also deserves praise. Oak beams are visible up to the ridge. The same oak wood can be found in the floor. Through the high, opening, glass doors, equipped with blackout screens, the garden and the swimming pool are visible. Moreover, from the bedroom, it’s just a matter of three rolls for a refreshing dive.

The spacious basement has been deepened in the past, allowing you to stand upright and move freely. The basement has a long work table and connections for household appliances. A water softener is present in the ”machine room.” Built-in closets with sliding doors offer ample storage space. This is also where the laundry ends up through the laundry chute.


To reach the upper floor, the passage is once again the starting point. It is also where visitors enter the entrance through the front door. In the porch, where the meter cupboard is located, there is a toilet. A creative detail is the glass wall attached to the wall. Homeliness and contemporary living comfort comfortably come together here.

Sleeping in Style Under the Roof
The staircase leads up to the landing, which resembles a loft. The floor has two bedrooms. A bedroom with sloping walls, equipped with a surprisingly deep hanging/wardrobe closet. The second bedroom is located under the roof, where there is also a deep hanging/wardrobe closet. The roof beams are part of the interior, contributing to a stylish and cozy ambiance.

There is a second bathroom on the upper floor. The furnishings consist of a bathtub, a sink with storage furniture, and a designer radiator. All accessories are new. LED lighting and an electric ventilation system are used.


Garage with Gym, Carport, and Shed
Perfect garage for DIY enthusiasts
When you drive down the driveway, you arrive at the property where you find not only the villa but also a charging station for electric cars and the outbuildings. Such as the shed for garden tools, a finished and moisture-free storage room for, for example, the storage of garden cushions and moisture-sensitive devices, the garage, and the carport, with space for one car. The garage was built (in cavity) in 2006 and will likely make a DIY enthusiast rejoice. The space has patio doors, a cast floor, and is equipped with several shelving units and a large workbench.

A part of the garage was transformed into a gym in 2021. Fresh air is abundant: of the four windows, you can fully open two, and there is a sink present. The lighting here is also designed by a lighting architect. On the way to the backyard, next to the villa, you can enjoy the green surroundings for a moment, from a small terrace. A picnic table and brick walls serving as benches together form a fixed seating area.

Lap Swimming Turns into Pool Party, or Maybe Jacuzzi?
The backyard is a paradise where luxury and comfort reign. The heated swimming pool was completely renovated in 2021 and equipped with a completely new installation. The pool is low-maintenance. The new cover over the pool undoubtedly contributes greatly to this. It is a solar lamella cover, allowing the pool water to heat itself when the sun shines. The fully automated water treatment is also a ’life hack’ that also applies to the freestanding jacuzzi with insulating and automatically opening lifting roof. The pool is spacious enough to swim laps in. If desired, swimming can be turned into a pool party with the disco mode LED lighting.

A Piece of Ibiza in Enschede
No need to enter with wet feet for a quick shower. A outdoor shower is hidden in the pergola. Showering in your own garden has never been so appealing. After that, you can relax on the heaven lounge beds: a piece of Ibiza in Enschede! Where the kitchen forms the heart of the villa, the covered terrace is that in the garden. Extensive cooking is possible in the spacious outdoor kitchen with extraction system and sound system. There is an egg barbecue in the countertop. The space is ideal for a generous dining area. Whether you’re indoors or outdoors, this villa has everything for optimal living and enjoyment.
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