Historic Hacienda "Cañada De La Manga"

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Area: about 2,500 hectares* (6,175 acres). Plus approximately 78 hectares (185 acres) for the tourist center "La...

Area: about 2,500 hectares* (6,175 acres). Plus approximately 78
hectares (185 acres) for the tourist center "La Cañada", in Lagunas
de Ruidera.

Agricultural land: the extension of lands currently devoted to
agriculture can breakdown as:

• 281 hectares (~695 acres) of irrigated land.

• 780 hectares (~1,927 acres) dedicated to dry farming -
easily extensible.

Much of its land can be used to hunt small game (partridge,
pigeon, rabbit and hare). Even wild boar, that migrate through
these lands.

There's machinery that is currently used for agricultural

The farm has two water reservoirs: a big one with 35,000 m3, and
a smaller one with 8,000 m3.

Its agricultural production -professionally managed- is meant to obtain the highest profits by growing cereals included in the PAC programs (Política Agraria Común, Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) is the agricultural policy of the European Union).

The presence of natural groundwater resources is yet another
benefit: be it by the direct use of those resources, or by the
negotiation of agreements to limit their use.

The installations and equipment are especially noteworthy when it comes to meeting the highest standards of sport hunting. Cañada la Manga is known for the character of its partridges and its terrain. The latter makes it unique in the practice of sport hunting.

Facilities for the partridge breeding guarantee and increase their
natural population. With those, the availability of game is assured
in a sustainable manner.

Big game hunting is seasonal, mostly of wild boar. Organizing big game hunting events is not only profitable, but recommended for sustainability reasons.

The farm has residential buildings to comfortably accommodate
more that 60 people in four single-family homes and one common
area. With many bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms and a huge
living room for 50 people -along with kitchens, et cetera.

These multiple country houses form a rectangular layout around
a big central courtyard. Outside of the main rectangular structure,
there are additional patios and gardens, and a capriciously shaped

Additionally, there are three homes for servants, managers and
security personnel.

Not far from the main houses, a bullring. With a presidential
tower of two floors, it constitutes an interesting place for
organizing events and social gatherings. Maybe even setting up a
bullfight! For professionals and amateurs alike: the latter could
always show their skills and bravery facing wild heifers.

In the warehouses around the bullring there's a museum with
historical objects, not included in the final offer.

Further buildings are scattered through these lands: a cellar,
sheepfolds, warehouses used to store machinery, grain/cereal
warehouses, a stable..

A ravine crosses the farm in its length. The prairies besides the
ravine allow for complementary uses. For example: a golf course,
or a solar farm.

One of the farm's boundary is gifted with extraordinary beauty:
"Las Lagunas de Ruidera".

This is a land of many uses. It is suitable, for example, for a hotel.
Or to organize conferences, business seminars, social events, et






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Castilla de la Mancha, Castilla de la Mancha, CM, Quintanar de la Orden, Castile-La Mancha, Spain

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