Bergen Op Zoom Town House

  • 6 Beds
  • 2 Baths
  • 2,638 sqft
  • 2,207 sqft lot
  • $452/sqft
Unique National Monument in a Prime Location

Welcome to this extraordinary opportunity to become the owner of this beautiful National Monument on the famous Stationsstraat, located in the his
Unique National Monument in a Prime Location

Welcome to this extraordinary opportunity to become the owner of this beautiful National Monument on the famous Stationsstraat, located in the historic heart of Bergen op Zoom. This mansion, in its impeccable state with original details and even an energy label A, offers a harmonious blend of historical charm and modern sophistication.

The Stationsstraat is known for its beautiful row of National Monuments, and number 7 is undoubtedly a highlight. Built by architect C.P. Van Genk in 1897 in Neo-Renaissance style and carefully preserved in its original state. Every corner of this house tells a story from the past. The heritage of this house comes to life in its pristine elements: from the elegant ornamental ceilings to the carefully preserved stained glass windows, creating a gentle play of light and color throughout the rooms. The house offers ample space and functionality. The finishing is of unparalleled quality, and every detail is carefully tailored to a life of luxury and comfort combined with very low energy consumption.

The location of this property in the center of Bergen op Zoom is nothing short of ideal. With the bustling city center, the train station, and quick connections to the Randstad within reach, this place offers the best of both worlds.

Entrance hall and vestibule
After seeing the characteristic facade, the imposing double front door, and ascending the four bluestone steps, waiting patiently in the vestibule is almost unbearable. Take your time in the stately hall to let the entry impress you. From the Norwegian slate floor to the beautiful ornate ceiling high above you. In the long hallway, our eyes are drawn to the imposing staircase.

Front and back room with graceful high ceilings
In the front room, we let our gaze wander over the elements that give this room character. From the herringbone parquet and the graceful window and door frames to the high ceiling with fully restored ornaments and moldings. And of course, the characteristic slatted radiator and a marble fireplace. Open the ensuite sliding doors and discover the same beautiful elements in the back room. Unlike the front room, the marble fireplace here frames a wood stove. And while this is fine on cool(er) evenings, the large sliding door to the backyard is a plus on warm days.

Living kitchen with a six-meter-long granite countertop
Step into the living kitchen and experience a sense of spaciousness, due to the dimensions, high ceiling, and the windows. Just like in the back room, there is direct contact with the garden here. However, it feels even more like being outside, as the lush greenery is more within reach here. The kitchen has a straight setup and is generously equipped. Whoever cooks here will not be short of anything. There is a 4-burner induction hob, a granite countertop of no less than six meters long with 18 drawers underneath, a dishwasher, and a wall unit with a steam oven, combination oven, a fridge-freezer combination. The extractor hood is beautifully integrated into the wall. The existing Quooker (Flex and Cube) provides extra cooking convenience in the form of boiling, sparkling, and chilled water. The copper radiator is literally an ’eye-catcher’, an atmosphere enhancer, just like the dimmable, strip lighting integrated into the ceiling.

Intermediate floor with bathroom and first floor with three (bed)rooms
The original staircase with stately wooden baluster is a gem. With one hand subtly gliding over the original railing, we first reach the intermediate floor. Here a bathroom has been realized with a very large walk-in shower, a toilet, and a sink. Atmosphere and spaciousness describe this room in a nutshell. A space where modern and classic go hand in hand. Fun facts: the space is heated here by wall heating, and the walk-in shower has a heat recovery system. Nine steps higher, we reach the first floor where a few things immediately catch the eye. For example, the high, ornate ceiling and the solid wooden floor. And also the original doors with brass door handles in a bronze antique color. Of the three (bed)rooms, the ’master bedroom’ is at the rear of the house. Characteristic for this room is the view of the garden, the wood stove present, and the two deep built-in closets. Also, take a look at the ceiling here. Moldings and ornaments never get boring. The other two (bed)rooms overlook the Stationsstraat. Characteristic and mood-enhancing in the largest room are the built-in closet wall with doctor’s display and the wood stove. The adjacent room is used as an office, has French doors with stained glass that provide access to a balcony.

Second floor with three bedrooms and a second bathroom
Arriving on the second floor, daylight greets us. Two skylights on the landing provide a pleasant amount of extra daylight. The ceilings on this floor also have their characteristic height.
Each room - three bedrooms in total - also has something playful. From a sloping roof to a dormer window and visible wooden beams. On this floor, we find, in addition to the three bedrooms, a second bathroom and a walk-in closet. The bathroom has a walk-in shower, a toilet, and a sink with a mirror above it. The bathroom has underfloor heating, and this walk-in shower also has a heat recovery system where a heat exchanger retrieves heat from the draining shower water and uses it to preheat cold tap water.

Multifunctional basement
The basement is accessible from the hall with a fixed staircase. This is large and can, of course, be arranged and used as desired. For example, as a fitness room, wine cellar, workshop, studio, or for storing things. The space is equipped with a kitchen unit with cupboard space and a sink. The two existing grilles and double windows provide ventilation.

Large city garden with lots of privacy
Privacy is one of the keywords of this spacious, north-facing city garden. The original high stone garden walls of over 2 meters high that flank the terrace at the house and the lush greenery at the rear of the garden contribute to this. The garden consists of two parts: a ’neat’ terrace at the house and a seating area in the middle of the lush greenery. Exclusive to this city garden, every winter, dozens of goldfinches forage here daily. It is a green oasis of tranquility in the heart of Bergen op Zoom.

- The house is equipped with roof, wall, and floor insulation and is therefore completely insulated;
- This property has solid wooden floors and wooden frames with double glazing;
- The ground floor has a herringbone parquet floor and a finish with Norwegian slate (original floors);
- The kitchen has underfloor heating;
- Wall heating has been installed in the back room and in the first bathroom;
- The second bathroom has floor and mirror heating;
- Fiber optic is present;
- The property has been modernized, but authentic elements can still be found everywhere. This makes the property very special;
- The house is very energy-efficient with 6 independently operating digital programmable thermostats;
- This property is located in the center of Bergen op Zoom with all amenities within reach;
- Roads to and from Bergen op Zoom are nearby;
- The property is a national monument built in 1897;
- Parking with permits for 2 vehicles;
- The property has been structurally inspected, the report can be requested at our office.

Living in Bergen op Zoom:
In Bergen op Zoom, daily necessities such as schools and shops are always close by. Efficient public transport, along with city history, enriches the living environment. Located near beautiful nature reserves, the city invites exploration of green environments. The history of Bergen op Zoom is deeply intertwined with its cultural heritage and strategic significance. Once an important fortress city, the architecture and cityscape still bear traces of that time. The city has evolved into a modern community with a historic charm that is palpable in the streets and buildings. In addition to its rich past, Bergen op Zoom offers opportunities for recreation and relaxation, with natural landscapes inviting walks and outdoor activities. The presence of a private marina adds a water dimension to city life, with access to waterways leading to nearby cities and areas. In short, Bergen op Zoom embodies a harmonious combination of history, amenities, and natural beauty.

Conditions of sale:
Asbestos clause
In homes built before 1 July 1993, there is a risk that materials containing asbestos may have been incorporated in such things as (smoke) ducts, roofs/roof panelling, partition walls, facade panels, or close to heating and hot water appliances and in floor coverings. The seller is aware that materials containing asbestos have been used, any risk of this is transferred to the purchasing party following sale, which is recorded in the deed of sale.

Old age clause
The old age clause will be included in the deed of sale for this home because the property is more than 220 years old, which means that the requirements for the construction quality are considerably lower than for new homes. As a result, the buyer cannot claim that this property deviates from the current building regulations.

NEN2580 Measurement Guidelines
The Measurement Guidelines are based on the NEN2580. The Measurement Guidelines are intended to provide a more uniform method of taking measurements in order to give an indication of the usable area. The Measurement Guidelines do not fully rule out any discrepancies in measurement results, due to differences in interpretation, or rounding off, or limitations in the carrying out of measurements, for instance. The basic premise is always ”what you see is what you buy” and the object information has a lower priority.

The purchase agreement is only legally valid after it has been signed
A verbal agreement between the private seller and private buyer is not legally binding. This means that there is only a legally valid purchase once the private seller and private buyer have signed the purchase agreement. This stems from Article 7:2 of the Dutch Civil Code. A confirmation of the verbal agreement by email or a forwarded draft of the purchase agreement is also not considered a legally valid agreement.

Security deposit or bank guarantee
As Agnes Tomesen Makelaardij is affiliated with the NVM, use is made of the purchase agreement model as formulated by the NVM, VBO, the Dutch Consumers’ Association (Consumentenbond) and the Vereniging Eigen Huis (Homeowners’ Association). Included as standard in this deed of sale is a security deposit or a bank guarantee amounting to 10% of the purchase price.

Sales documentation
This documentation has been carefully prepared by us, however, as a rule we are largely dependent on third parties for the accuracy of the information provided and therefore neither the seller nor we accept any liability.

In conclusion:
We appreciate that you are taking the trouble to read through the information about this property. If you wish to view the home, you are, of course, welcome to do so. Then we will show you around the house as it is currently furnished and laid out. The tour will take you through the present situation, but you may have other ideas. We are more than happy to listen to these. And we will talk to you about what you can do with the rooms and the layout so that they can be put to a new use that suits you. A lot can be achieved with limited means. This is something we are keen to make clear during the viewing.

If you have any questions, then please do not hesitate to contact us. You can do this by email or telephone. We are happy to be of service!
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  • Garden
  • Terrace
  • Fireplace
  • Fitness Center / Gym
  • Wine Cellar
  • Walk In Closet
  • Mansion
  • Basement
  • High Ceiling


  • Privacy
  • Mansion


  • Office
  • Fitness Center / Gym
  • High Ceiling
  • Walk In Closet
  • Wine Cellar
  • Fireplace
  • Basement


  • Terrace
  • Parking
  • Garden
  • Balcony

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