This National Monument Combines Eternity With The Comfort Of Today.

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Peace, space, and a rich history. In the midst of wide rivers, endless lowlands, ancient fortified towns, and impressive castles, you’ll find this monumental farmhouse in the Brabant village of Andel.
Peace, space, and a rich history. In the midst of wide rivers, endless lowlands, ancient fortified towns, and impressive castles, you’ll find this monumental farmhouse in the Brabant village of Andel. ”1846” is written on the facade beneath the thatched roof. Here, the charm of history is strongly intertwined with stylish contemporary comfort.

No one speeds past this place. A stone’s throw from the dyke behind which the Maas peacefully flows, there is a cluster of three farms on the outskirts of the village of Andel. This beautiful family farmhouse on a spacious plot steals the show. The cobblestone path, the wooden shutters gently framing divided windows, and then that entrance... Old terracotta-colored floor tiles lead to the double front door and immediately reveal that this residence has a very special story to tell.

Wooden beams
It is a national monument, unique because of its cultural and archaeological value. Inside you spot wooden beams of the white-painted ceiling, as if everything has remained the same here as it was in the mid-nineteenth century. Nothing could be further from the truth. When the current owners were able to acquire the residence in 2016, they had to see beyond the surface. ”It had been for sale for a while, and in the middle of a renovation, everything had come to a halt,” she says. ”We had been looking for a house with plenty of space in the countryside for a while, and to be honest, we had no intention of returning to my birthplace. But when we came here...”

It was love at first sight.
”That, and the potential of this monument.” Through their eyes, they could already see the old raised platform and the wooden beams reappearing. They envisioned a family home, with a spacious garden behind it, complete with the old orchard and the meadow where private parties could be celebrated in complete privacy. A house where everyone feels welcome and their children have their own space. But before that dream could become a reality and their infatuation could turn into true love, a lot of water had to pass through the Maas.

Elegant, within eternity
”We love old and distinctive, and we love a challenge. But everything had to meet the demands of today and the future,” they say in unison. It had to be sleek, within the contours of eternity. And there was plenty of space for that. ”The previous owner before the last one was still a farmer,” they know. ”He switched from cows to goats, and then the plot became too small. So he bought another farm further down the road.” The new residents turned the farmhouse into a home but created a layout that we didn’t find very practical or beautiful. We wanted to change that.”

The perfect foundation
They did everything, absolutely everything. It started with the foundation, ”we wanted a beautiful layout.” All the electrical wiring was replaced, plumbers got to work, and the beautiful beams and frames reappeared.
Restored to its former glory

The wide entrance hall with its double doors and the exterior shutters has become a particularly welcoming space. There, the wardrobe is elegantly hidden from view behind robust wooden sliding panels. In the former living room, the windows of the past reappeared. At a higher level, just as they should be. The glass is heritage glass, with the look of the past and the quality of the present. Today, this area serves as a television room, with the TV hidden behind the robust sliding doors that you also find elsewhere in the house.

Apple pie
For the first three months, there were regularly sixteen vans parked in front of the house, he says, laughing. ”I counted them.” Then it was time to move in. ”Fortunately, the kitchen was spacious enough, and the bedrooms and bathroom facilities on the upper floor could already be used. So we lived there for a while, and that summer, we lived outdoors.” The orchard was brought back to a beautiful size. ”We pruned fruit trees. Apples, pears and plums. Beautiful and very tasty too.” She bakes apple pie regularly. ”The oven can handle three at a time.” It has become a wonderful family home, just as they envisioned. Everything is spacious: the living room, the dining room, and the office; here, no one gets in each other’s way. The double garden doors in both the dining room and the living room open on summer days, connecting the indoors and outdoors seamlessly.

Light through the void
On the upper floor, there are four bedrooms, a hobby room, and a spacious bathroom with contemporary comforts. From the landing, numerous custom-made (walk-in) closets are accessible. How it became so large and light is quite a beautiful story. ”The staircase to the upper floor is authentic and very beautiful. We only brought the balusters to a safe height.” The entire height of the house has been utilized there. Now, from the second hallway, you can look all the way up, to the void and the ridge, which not only make it spacious but also wonderfully bright.

Thatch roof
All of this is under a thatched roof. ”We had that completely restored too,” he says. ”By thatchers from this area. They basically just had to scrape out the old parts and insert new thatch. A beautiful craft, very nice to see.”
Living in a thatched farmhouse not only has the advantage of unparalleled beauty. ”When we slept here the first night, the rain was pouring down. I was surprised the next day that I didn’t hear it at all,” she says. ”Our previous house had roof tiles. I would wake up immediately from a heavy rain shower there.” Furthermore, thatch ensures that the house stays warm in winter and cool in summer. Although a national monument does not require an energy label, he is willing to admit that the bills are consistently on the low side. The interior shutters also contribute to this. ”We had them made new, elegant and modern. Also because curtains are not an option everywhere. After all, a historic farmhouse is not perfectly straight..”

The restored mantelpiece in the spacious living room, the terracotta floor tiles in the dining room, utility room, entrance, and the office. ”We think it all suits this house perfectly. What’s also great is that you don’t see anything on it. Mud-caked boots, children, or dogs; it’s ideal.” It also breathes history. ”But we felt that the rest had to be modern styled,” she says. So, a herringbone floor was installed in the living room, and a custom-made fireplace was created in the old mantelpiece. ”We also have radiators, but with the gas fireplace, you can easily heat the entire room.” In the rear house and the kitchen, underfloor heating was chosen. And for those who still want solar panels despite the low energy bill: it’s possible. ”On the roof of the large barn,” he says. ”They can be placed on the part that is not visible from the garden. That’s where the sun shines exactly.” This way, the immensely large garden remains a place where unsightly elements stay out of sight, and you can feel like you’re in earlier times.

No limitations
They find living in a national monument beautiful and atmospheric. And they have - to be very honest - never felt any limitations. ”We’ve personalized everything and brought back valuable elements. Everything we wanted was embraced with enthusiasm.

A second home on the property?
Who do they see living here? ”A family that might want to start a Bed & Breakfast on the property.” She once toyed with that idea. ”The barn is enormous. It can easily be converted into a second home.” Maybe for a family that wants to live on the same property with their parents. Or people looking for space for group workshops. He adds, ”But even a contractor has all the space here. Luxury living with storage space in the large barn.” Then he realizes that the hospitals are twenty minutes away from this monumental farmhouse. ”A doctor working in Gorinchem or Den Bosch can be there in no time if they are called.”

Amidst Nature
It’s the tranquility of the rural surroundings, combined with the charming fortress towns nearby. Although they never originally intended to return to the Brabant countryside, the couple now never want to leave the Land of Heusden and Altena. ”We have to be in the Randstad regularly. And when you leave the hustle and bustle behind and are back home just an hour later... Here, you hear the birds, you live amidst nature. On the other side of the dyke is the river Maas, and every day the view is different. The boats passing by, the morning mist. Sometimes you see the horses and cows standing with their legs in the water when it’s warm, other times the water is half frozen in winter.” You can even swim or sunbathe on the river’s beach. ”Children can play there safely.” And when the meltwater comes this way in early spring, the floodplains also fill with water. ”Such a beautiful sight.”

The Facilities
In this rural environment, with the river and the Hoge Maasdijk just a minute’s walk away, you might almost forget that beautiful cities are just around the corner. ”You can reach Den Bosch and Gorinchem in twenty minutes,” he says. She adds, ”The kids bike to high school. In Wijk en Aalburg, Sleeuwijk, Waalwijk, or Gorinchem. Of course, on electric bikes...”

Most Famous Escape Ever
The watery National Park De Biesbosch, the fishing village of Woudrichem, the fortress town of Heusden, and then there’s Slot Loevestein, where the most famous escape ever took place. Statesman Hugo de Groot was imprisoned there, for life. His love for books provided him a way out. It’s been 400 years since Hugo de Groot escaped in a book chest, but his ideals of peace and freedom still resonate throughout this region.

But even in Andel itself, the level of amenities is exceptional. Especially for a village with 2,500 inhabitants. There’s an indoor and outdoor pool, tennis courts, and two elementary schools. Residents who appreciate a good party and a pub that also delivers. You can shop at the Spar. ”It has just been renovated,” she says. Not to mention the Brabantian hospitality. You can find it all here.

And one thing is certain. Anyone turning onto the cobblestone road from the dyke and catching sight of this farmhouse immediately falls in love. Just like the current residents still are. With its authentic character, the privacy of the garden, the rural surroundings, and the places where there’s so much to discover that you’ll never tire of it.
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  • Garden
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  • Garage
  • Fireplace
  • River View
  • Open Kitchen
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  • River View
  • Renovated


  • Stone Countertops
  • Office
  • Laundry Room
  • Open Kitchen
  • Fireplace


  • Terrace
  • Garage
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