Verhoeven Joaillier

37 Place Jean Bart
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Verhoeven Joaillier

The Verhoeven house exists in Dunkerque since 1908, founded at 12, rue de l'Eglise by two brothers, Maxime and Anthony Verhoeven, one specializing in jewelry, the other in watchmaking. After the first World War, Anthony stayed in Dunkirk and represented major watchmaking brands such as Patek Philippe, while Maxime, strong of a powerful relationship, moved to Paris, rue Aubert, to accommodate an international clientele.
With the destruction of Dunkirk during the World War II, Verhoeven brand migrates to Paris on the Grands Boulevards and rue du Faubourg Monmartre, where it will remain established until 1970. In the meantime, Anthony Verhoeven's son Jacques settled in 1946 in Malo les Bains, Place Turenne then to Dunkirk, rue Clemenceau, from 1958.
Eric Verhoeven, gemologist, succeeded him in 1982 and very quickly began to collaborate with prestigious brands (Cartier, Omega, Jaeger, Chaumet, Hermes ...) then moved place Jean Bart in 1994. From then on, the portfolio of brands is enriched with the arrival of Rolex, Bulgari, Chopard, IWC, Tag Heuer, Vacheron Constantin, Panerai. The jewelry part is not left behind since Eric Verhoeven develops his own collection from the stones that he buys and assembles in his workshops.
The environment of the store where are hung canvases of big names in the art scene (Combas, Erro, Miotte, Klasen, Pasqua, Di Rosa, Schlosser, Bertini, Alberola, Boisrond), and where are exhibited sculptures Villas Louis Cane or Ernst Fuchs is totally unique and atypical.