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Am Diek 5, 49586, Merzen, Germany
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Marta Behnke
vacopro GmbH
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As precious and durable as a diamond - Elegance meets Strength

Carbon fibres provide strength and lightness in equal measure. In this way, each thickless product is as precious and durable as a diamond - but thanks to its unique statics it is considerably more flexible. So we combine architectural elegance with great strength - and the personal touch that you as the customer determine of your own accord. Thickless designer tables are available in a virtually infinite number of variations. To help you choose, here we present three basic patterns to you:

- Carbon gloss: Coatings with a unique aura
- True carbon: A sophisticated pure carbon fibre appearance
- Carbon timber: Inspiring combinations made up of fine timber

Craftsmanship designed for all eternity - made in Germany

We - that means a young, dynamic team equipped with the development and production know-how of vacopro specialize in the production of tables of exceptional design under the thickless brand, which we make accessible to a large clientele.
Each thickless product is tailored to match individual customer specifications. The edges are slim - a mere eight millimetres thick, and towards the centre, the maximum thickness comesvto only 27 millimetres.

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