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Sweden Sotheby's International Realty

Sweden Sotheby's International Realty We all speak with a sothern accent. We usually say that we accompany our customers the whole way, and we mean it too. Since many of our customers travel to Skåne each year, we decided to keep them company. And once we arrived, we naturally met many new customers who live in our most southerly province. We felt that we have something to offer. We know the area, and have employees with special expertise. As the demand for housing in the southern areas of Skåne has increased dramatically, we decided to open shop in the Öresund region. We want to be in a region that's expanding, so we can be on hand to help our clients. From our office in Båstad and in Malmö, we have a view not only of the Bjäre peninsula and Kullaberg, but all the way down to Skanör-Falsterbo, Ystad Sandskog and beautiful Österlen region.