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Sterck Makelaars

Breelaan 17A, 1861GC, Bergen NH, Netherlands
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Sterck Makelaars
Franck Jehenson
Franck Jehenson
Sterck Makelaars
About Sterck Makelaars
STERCK Makelaars is a decisive real estate agency in the Bergen region. At STERCK, two well-known and trusted people are at the helm: Mirjam Bosselaar and Franck Jehenson, both sworn real estate appraisers. With their many years of experience in the industry and a large and strong network, they are very well versed in their field. Together with their employees, they form a close-knit team and are happy to assist you in finding, selling or appraising your home in this beautiful area.

STERCK Makelaars operates from Bergen NH, but is of course also known in the other cores of the village or in the pleasant city of Alkmaar.

We are not bound by regular office hours, but are mobile and flexible when it comes to your interests. We know the tricks of the trade, and are motivated and driven to achieve the maximum for you. That is why you can reach us through various channels, telephone landline, telephone mobile or e-mail. Teamwork is our strength, which is why we like to operate as a team with you for the best result.

The people among the brokers
STERCK Makelaars manifests itself as an active and human broker who is at the heart of society. Of course we do our work under the flag of the NVM and that means that we live up to what the NVM stands for: being a reliable partner in all real estate matters. We advise as we ourselves would like to be advised: motivated, driven, with experience, critical and by taking a clear position. Our strength lies in flexibility, the right legal basis, good negotiation and involving you in the process in the right way. We know the environment, the market and the people and people know us.