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SOLE DI TOSCANA Ag.Immobiliare

VIA A.LANDUCCI 11 - Torrita di Siena, Montefollonico, 53049, Torrita di Siena, Italy
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SOLE DI TOSCANA Ag.Immobiliare
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Monica Papalini
SOLE DI TOSCANA Ag.Immobiliare
About SOLE DI TOSCANA Ag.Immobiliare
Monica Papalini owner of Sole di Toscana real estate found it in 2007 and , step by step, became a little but a wonderful reality in the real estate market in the south of Tuscany .

I love work with you to find and realize “ your dream in the heart of Tuscany” because the eyes of a satisfied customer means that my job has been and it is very good .
I am glad to propose you our service of Personal agent and Property finder in order to guarantee professional help to our client and work on their behalf with other agents and private sellers, obtaining the information that otherwise will be hard for a private client. It is a way to help you putting the information together to decide which properties come over and see personally and which other are not worthful.
This service will save you time, avoid repeating the same story everytime, stay away from confusing listing and grant your self an easy and peace full purchase followed by us step by step.

My job begin with the first contact with you with an email or by phone , I always suggest a conference call to know each other and to better understand what you are looking for, choose with you the properties to view , make visit, and after when you find “your dream home ” help you to close a good deal, and grant you a complete assistance from the beginning of the research to the notary and after .
My job is helping you to find your dream home and make this process the most simple and quiet possible without problems.
So, if you think this will be useful and you like the idea keep me in mind and feel free to send me the link of any property you see on line that may interest you, I will be glad to work on tha, contact owners or colleague, grab information and help you arranging viewings, knowing the territory is much easier!