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17 Rue de la République , 97133 , Gustavia
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Sibarth Real Estate
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Sibarth Real Estate
About Sibarth Real Estate
At the origin of Sibarth Real Estate, there is a man in pursuit of a certain art of living. In 1981, a sailboat dropped anchor in Gustavia harbor. After a transatlantic crossing, Christian Wattiau discovered an island of pure, natural beauty, a welcoming population and a way of life that left little to be desired.

Despite the euphoria and enthusiasm induced by his discovery, finding a home proved difficult. This quest gave rise to a sincere determination to assist in the development of Saint Barth, taking care all the while to preserve the islands unique heritage. Tourism was clearly becoming essential to growth. While there was already a budding holiday rental market, real estate transactions were still relatively unorganized. Then, one fine day, a kind landowner granted a parcel and Sibarth Real Estate was born. Christian Wattiau, a non-native turned Saint Barth, became a major player in the development of tourism and has never failed to uphold the fundamentals of the islands traditional culture: simplicity, respect and discretion.

Sibarth Real Estate took root and is today the undisputed authority on all real estate matters in Saint Barth, worldwide.

Sibarth Real Estate has provided a quality experience for their clients for more than thirty years. As pioneers and enthusiasts they are pleased to share their expertise and provide unparalleled professionalism. Their team will not only assist in finding your dream property, but will also accompany you throughout the entire transaction process. They facilitate each and every step, including comprehensive administrative assistance and management and maintenance services, which can be especially convenient for clients living abroad. It is their heartfelt desire to fully satisfy your request and to commit to a long-lasting, fruitful relationship.

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