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President and CEO Wade T. Micoley has been in the Real Estate business and Banking for over 32 years. His experience gave him a deep understanding of Real Estate marketing flaws and decided to “transform” the industry with an event marketing process and with the assistance of an incredible team of devoted, fun, we call “Customer Service Hero’s” we have reinvented the process of selling and buying Real Estate. In comparison to traditional market practices the marketing plan and process is revolutionary.

“Every day we treat people right, do whatever you can to assist and make the process convenient and successful for the clients and customers. Those are not just words, we live by that every day.” - Wade T. Micoley How it all got started 

An event marketing plan was created and constantly improved based on results every month, one that is far reaching. It utilizes the best in print, media, internet and has a local to international reach. We then obtained the help of industry leaders in sales, closing and marketing to launch a very unique marketing solution for the company’s variety of clientele.

Today Micoley.com has sold 1,000’s of properties and serves the Real Estate community in the banking, Brokers/Agents and private sector. Thanks to our event marketing that is highly-customized by property and area. We have satisfied clients and customers from $1,500 lots to 25 billion dollar Banks. Our programs generate maximum exposure on your property and the stats speak for themselves. Micoley.com’s event marketing plan has subsequently assisted clients all over the United States and beyond.