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Rue Fondaudège, 33000, Bordeaux, France
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Rain Studios Gallery
Rain Studios
Rain Studios Gallery
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Born in France, Rain was first interested in photography before discovering the world of painting. Holder of a master's degree in Political Science, he worked for several years on French national television and developed a certain view of the world.

During his studies between Ireland and France, he will undertake research on the "Geometry of Emptiness".

His research on the urban and natural landscape gives rise to a real attraction in him for rough lines, simple shapes, cubism and abstraction.

During a trip to New York, the style transition will take place, resulting in a series of shots totally detached from a perceptible subject. Forms, sensations, feelings.

Rain will then make abstract sketches with a singular geometric aesthetic, which he will sublimate in unique acrylic works, with this immediately identifiable signature of balance, the arrangement of volumes on the canvas.

He regularly produces works in serigraphy and paintings where the shapes are painted by hand, which gives a deliberately imperfect style - irony of the concept - where the purity of geometric lines meets the touch of the human being.