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Premium Real Estate Group Ltd

About us

Premium is a company whose name and reputation is synonymous with extraordinary levels of real estate service and expertise. Premium is all about working with you to obtain the very best outcome for our astute clientele. As a select group of dedicated property experts we understand the business end and the emotion of selling or buying a home. We work in a team environment to understand our clients’ needs and expectations, resulting in success for you - our valued client.

Our success is driven by our people and their unrelenting focus on delivering outstanding results for our clients. This is achieved by operating responsibly, executing with excellence, valuing and working closely in partnership with our clients, applying innovative and effective worldwide marketing strategies, embracing  the latest global technology solutions and, by long ago, recognizing the desirability of living in New Zealand by the rest of the world.

Our insight and understanding of the property market has established a platform from which the Premium brand is ideally positioned to carry its unique methods forward as we constantly evaluate and plan for the future.

 What we do:

Premium is a specialized, high end seller of property. Our team of top performing agents work closely with both buyers and sellers of exclusive properties. It may be on the beach, a stylish home, lifestyle property, a favorably located apartment or a prized piece of land. Our people will listen and then consult with you on the most effective way to buy or sell your property. We take great responsibility and pride in the selling of your home and this is as important to us as it is to you. We want to help you to make the right decisions following an informed process and we value strong client connections based on trust, honesty and respect.

The success of Premium has seen us sell many of New Zealand’s highest priced homes and naturally we are proud of the many achievements and accolades that we have received over the years. In challenging market conditions we have signaled that our people understand all market conditions and we have proved ourselves to be adaptable and highly skillful at selling properties in all price ranges.

Our uniqueness and values:

 Premium agents are highly experienced and constantly strive to provide unparalleled, personalized service for all clients. Our Team environment is dedicated to achieving extraordinary results by valuing integrity, professionalism, property expertise, and ensuring that we optimize our performance through comprehensive market and local knowledge leading to outstanding results. Our passion for a successful outcome is borne out of a genuine desire to help you to be where you want to be.

We are focused on developing the best strategy for success by bringing together our market knowledge, experience, unwavering service and support and being committed to being comprehensive and proactive in helping clients reach their goals. At Premium we employ the highest levels of standards to assist you.

Our Brand:

The Premium brand is dynamic and powerful. It effectively identifies to both sellers and buyers that we are focused on achieving the highest level of service and that the shared value within the Premium Group is a commitment by everyone to obtain the best result for our client – YOU.

Our Global reach:

With the consistent promotion of properties under the Premium livery in a variety of targeted media and the brand strength, content and usability of our website premium.co.nz, we are widely recognized as a property company that generates continual enquiry from not only local and national buyers but we also consistently capture buyers from around the world.

Our History:

Premium was founded in 1984 as a boutique Auckland real estate company specializing in selling quality real estate. In 1995, the vision of Premium began to take shape with the company soon expanding its role as high end sellers of property resulting in considerable success not only on the North Shore but also on Waiheke Island. Premium opened its first “South of the Bridge” office in 2003 which  was rapidly followed by the Albany “Country” office, offices in Herne Bay, the Eastern Suburbs of Auckland, Devonport and a Northland office in 2010.

Our Future Together:

As a successful company we constantly evaluate market trends and with your chosen Premium agent we will focus on achieving the best result for you. We will ensure that you are kept fully informed each step of the way and we will work in partnership with you to attain the very best outcome.

Premium’s success is founded on each and every one of the team valuing a commitment to excellence, expertise, determination and the highest levels of service resulting in the satisfaction of us knowing that we have helped you achieve your goal.

We look forward to working with you and we thank you for entrusting Premium with your most important investment and smart acquisition.

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