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MYT Real Estate

Urbanizacion La Carolina, edif Aries 36B, 29602, Ma, Spain
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MYT Real Estate
Teodoro Ortega
Teodoro Ortega
MYT Real Estate
About MYT Real Estate

From Marbella we shape our real estate brand.
MYT Real Estate.

We will continue giving support and affection to our clients.
We are committed to continue caring for and growing our teams.

But above all, above all, we will continue to listen to our hearts, to our intuition and we will have the courage to continue growing up.
To create the path, a path that leads us to one goal and from There, to another goal and so on.
As the great Eduardo Punset said: “Happiness is not a goal; It is the way!!!"
and when we look back and see the failures and successes that have made us get there, we can say that "today I also feel MYT".

Teo will continue to set the course for this ship and he will continue to give their all for this, and for more projects to come.
Fai will captain it as he always do.
Sara, will keep our energy level, knowledge, empathy and balance at the top.
Leti, as always, with her smile and effective work will turn any idea into reality.
And two real estate consultants teams, from Burgos and Marbella, will work hard to grow, grow and grow.
Today I feel MYT, today I feel especially proud of the whole team, because wherever we go, they work like no one else.