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Marbella Sky Corp

CALLE LIRIO, 12-1-1, 29604, Marbella, Spain
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Marbella Sky Corp
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Cédric Bredoux Bertrand
Cédric Bredoux Bertrand
Marbella Sky Corp
About Marbella Sky Corp

Marbella Sky Corp has over 20 years of experience in the property sector in Marbella. It is run by its owner and director, Cédric Bredoux, who is a leading figure in the sale of property developments both nationwide and internationally, along with luxury properties, bank assets, auctions and land.

The main objective of Marbella Sky Corp is to provide professional advice, conveying total security and confidence in the purchase and sale of property assets.

We also help our customers to search for the best properties and ensure that these are purchased under the best possible conditions.

We offer our investors the assets that best suit their needs, providing them with comprehensive advice, carrying out the management of their investment and thus ensuring its maximum profitability.