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Hakken Real Estate Portugal

Avenida de Saboia, N. 914 - Loja B, 2765-395 Estoril, Cascais, Portugal
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Hakken Real Estate Portugal
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Hakken Real Estate Portugal
About Hakken Real Estate Portugal
At Hakken, we can say we boldly walk the road with distinction and accuracy. Our ability to respond to the goals we are given is what set us apart from the rest.

Hakken means “finding” in Japanese. Actually, this word defines our very essence and the path we have chosen. We unravel your dreams and we help them to become real. Do you know why? Because for us there is no such thing as an unreachable goal. We are a independent consulting agency, extremely skilled and with great business potential.

If you have never asked yourself why there are so many different professions and how important each one of them is, then remember that a Hakken consultant is the right person to find what you are looking for or to sell your property. If this wasn’t so, we would all be doing the same thing, don’t you think?